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Bypass Level Indicator

Bypass Level Indicator


The WIKA model BNA bypass level indicator consists of a stand pipe, which, as a communicating interface, is connected laterally to a vessel via 2 process connections (flanged, threaded or welded).

Through this type of arrangement, the level in the stand pipe corresponds to the level in the vessel.

The cylindrical float (with a permanent magnet system, mounted within the stand pipe) transmits the liquid level, contact free, to the outside via the magnetic roller display mounted on the stand pipe.

In this are fitted, at 10 mm intervals, red/white plastic or ceramic rollers with bar magnets.

Through the directional magnetic field of the permanent magnet system in the cylindrical float, the magnetic rollers, through the wall of the stand pipe, are turned through 180°

For an increasing level from white to red; for a falling level from red to white.

Thus the bypass level indicator displays the level of a vessel without a power supply - visible as a red column.

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