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Documenting Multi-function Calibrator

Documenting Multi-function Calibrator


General information: The model CEP6100 documenting multi-function calibrator provides a feature set unmatched in high accuracy, handheld calibrators in its price range


It provides the functions and accuracy associated with stationary laboratory equipment, and has everything needed for virtually any calibration task.

Documenting function: What makes this versatile calibrator best in class is the ability to fully document any calibration easily.

With the CalLOG software, calibration certificates can be generated for the test items at the PC after calibration in the field.

Features: The CEP6100 also features the ability to print calibration certificates right in the field, with no PC needed, using an optional portable certificate printer.

The CEP6100 enables to measure and simulate thermocouples, resistance thermometers, resistance, current, voltage, frequency, pressure and source pulse trains with a lightweight easy-to-use calibrator


A communications port compatible with different pressure modules is provided, as is an isolated mA/V measuring channel. An integrated 24 V supply power can drive 4 ... 20 mA loops up to 1000 ?.

Arrow keys combined with a large backlit, menu-driven graphics display offer a high quality but simple operator interface


A built-in 250 ? resistor is provided for HART™ compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs


Full fuseless protection and a serial communications port for full control with ASCII commands are just some of the additional features that make the CEP6100 the single, most indispensable tool available for virtually any calibration task.

The CEP6100 is delivered in a protective rubber boot.

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