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kitchen ecology unit

kitchen ecology unit

The Kitchen Ecology Unit removes commercial kitchen gases rather than masking the odors or spraying additional chemicals to complicate and harm the environment.

Ecology Unit is perfect solution for removing polluted air from rooms. This Ecology Unit is specially designed for commercial use; however, it can be used for residential purpose as well.


How Ecology Unit works

Contaminated air initially passes through a diffuser and pre-filter system. Polluted air, Grease and smoke particles are then ionized to present them an electrostatic charge. This system attracts them to collector plates where they are trapped and this is how all harmful air goes out.


Service area for Ecology Unit

Currently our team is capable to all types of air filtration system anywhere in UAE. If you want to check more features and benefits just call now and our team will be glad to help you to understand the benefits of Ecology Unit.

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