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Kitchen Exhaust System

Kitchen Exhaust System

Larger Carbon facilities play host to a number of different people, who all have varying sensitivities to small particles.

Larger Carbon facilities play host to a number of different people, who all have varying sensitivities to small particles.

The Ecology kitchen air filtration has been developed by manufacturers with an objective to offer new age air filtration solution to users.

This is the ecology air filtration in UAE that work on the concept of removing odors and smell, instead of covering the smell with additional chemicals.

Working Process of Air Filtration Unit

The ecology filtration unit follows all new technology of working which is more effective and efficient.

The filter can be installed in the specific connected kitchen area. And the exhaust ductwork of multiple kitchens can be linked to the single Ecology Unit. The filter has following features

• The device has pre-filters made up of stainless steel; this part of filter is used for safety as well as to capture large air-borne particles. The core function of this system is to create an even distribution of air when reaching at the bag filters.

• Bag ecology kitchen air filtration hashigh efficiency pleated bag filters that have a medium comprisingof glass fiber; these associated filters are used to filter the fine particles from the air stream.

Electrostatic Precipitator present in the filter ensures a filtration of even the finer particles. This is designed to maintain high filtration dexterity when there are heavy loads present. The filtration system makes possible the multistage operation for high smoke generating equipment. It can be attached to the Kitchen exhaust system.

• The device does the filtration of Activated Carbon of gaseous molecules following the adsorption of these particles in the activated carbon pellets. There are cylinders present in the system that offer a higher capacity but low efficiency. There is option present to install after filter to capture detached carbon particles.

This filtration system is gaining popularity and has become one of the leading. It is attached with Kitchen exhaust system to efficiently clean the air inside. For the best Kitchen exhaust system in UAE, again the manufacturers and suppliers could be contacted.

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