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Portable, easy to carry and all together. Comes with a Xylophone, Drum, Maracas, Clapper, two drumsticks and cymbal in one wooden toy. Just attach the legs and you have an orchestra to play! Keep children engaged for hours as they discover more about themselves and music. Can accommodate more than one budding musician at a time. Sparks creativity and imagination while developing fine and gross motor skills. This innovative toddler toy is made in India from eco-friendly materials and non-toxic paints with child safety in mind.
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  • Material Premium wooden toy made with non-toxic materials and water based colours for child safety.
  • Dimensions L 13inch x B 13 inch x H 19 inch
Shape sorter to match and post unique shapes. Helps develop spatial & gross motor skills.Orbital + simple glides to move different shapes in a groove, developing fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.Bead maze to move beads, stimulating sense of colour, fine motor skills.Multi-coloured gears to engage and stimulate.Cushioned rubber wheels for a smoother, jerk free walking experience. Storage basket for convenience.
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  • Material Soft wood with non-toxic and environmental friendly paints.
  • Dimensions L: 22 cm x B: 9.5 cm x H: 9.5 cm
8 brightly coloured wooden rings with a red topper help the child to practice hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills as they stack the rings. This classic toy is a favourite with kids & parents
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  • Dimension(each block) L: 4 cm x B: 4 cm x H: 4 cm
The best wooden blocks for toddlers ever; these are the Alpha.Never settle for second-best ever again. Build words or build towers, or you can do both. These unique wooden blocks are great for starting out for toddlers and graduate into reading blocks for the school goers. Let your child build a towering vocabulary on a strong base.Pick any block and you can made a word. Every colour-ful block has two letters. Teach your child about Capital letters and small letters from the very first time they play with blocks. Teach little ones the alphabet and then teach them words to grow with.Play guessing games with the pattern and win. Teach them to build and guess words or let them play scrabble.Each set comes with 13 brightly coloured, carefully crafted 4 cm blocks made from ivory wood. It is as educational as it is fun.Classic wooden toy blocks with a unique twist made from child safe and eco- friendly materials. Easy to hold at any age. A perfect gift for all ages from toddlers to school goers.
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  • Material This educational wooden toy puzzle is made from eco-friendly materials and natural, non-toxic, water-based paints keeping child safety in mind.
  • Dimensions L: 30 cm x B: 23 cm x H: 7.5 cm
Eight different shapes on a wooden board that can be carried anywhere and makes a great travel companion for long trips. Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, heart, star and oval shapes that fit into specific grooves.Take out each and every one and put them back together. Involve the senses and indulge in tactile and sight learning through innovative play.
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  • Material Handcrafted, this eco-friendly wooden rattle is made from natural materials and safe, non-toxic, water-based dyes with your baby’s safety in mind.
  • Dimensions L: 7.5 cm x B: 5 cm x H: 5 cm
Designed and created especially for tiny clutching hands, teething gums and curious minds.3 rounded bars have 3 colourful rings that move, collide and make gentle sounds. Gentle rattling sounds soothe and engage the baby, drawing attention toward the direction of the sound. This wooden toy provides tactile, sonic and visual stimulation.Suitable for highly sensitive hearing of new-born babies. Perfect playmate for your growing infant! Fosters imagination.
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  • Material This classic wooden toy is made from eco-friendly materials and natural, non-toxic, water-based paints keeping child safety in mind.
  • Dimensions L: 12.5 cm x B: 12.5 cm x H: 11 cm
Build a tower out of cubes or just let all of them hide in one.Nestling cubes with pictures and letters. A colour coded shape sorter enables your little one to match colours and shapes.Helps in learning letters and words and understand concepts of size, shapes and colours, all while having fun! Enhances fine motor skills.
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  • Material This classic wooden toy is made from eco-friendly materials and natural, non-toxic, water-based paints keeping child safety in mind.
  • Dimensions L: 13 cm x B: 9 cm x H: 7 cm
1+ inch thick wooden pieces enable the train to stand upon assembly.Puzzle games and toys for kids stimulate mental ability and fine motor skills.Spark creativity and imagination through pretend play. Drive the train or display fully assembled to brighten up any room.
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  • Material A classic wooden toy made with eco-friendly materials with non-toxic, water-based dyes to entertain your toddler safely.
  • Dimension L: 26cm x B: 25 cm x H: 23 cm
Five-sided multi-activity toy for your toddler.Stimulate mental ability and teach counting skills on the colourful Abacus.Colourful ABC swivel blocks stimulate alphabet and picture recognition and learning. Brightly coloured wooden gear wheels engage the toddler, spark imagination and build mental ability. Learn to tell time by moving the keys on the large, brightly coloured clock.Move shapes around in multi-coloured slider grooves while developing fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
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