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Bar Bending Machines KMB-32L

Bar Bending Machines KMB-32L

1. Easily portable since the weight of this machine is the lightest in all.
Strong and firm with a durability-oriented design.
2. Fast and easy change of angles with two control knobs attached to preset the bending angles. (Angles controllable from 1° to
3. Use of electromagnetic clutch for the motor maintaining a certain amount of power.
Convenient AS in case of mechanical trouble.
4. A foot switch is available for automatic bending.
5. Suitable for small and middle works.
6. Simple attachment of the Roller on the machine allows the user to do the Round folding
(R200,250,300) necessary for any civil engineering work.(Option)

  • Power : 4.4kw/6HP
  • Weight : 196kg
  • Model Number : KMB-32L

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