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Our Complete range of products are Heavy Duty Racks, medium duty racks, Slotted Angle Rackss, mobile shelving and bolt free shelving.

Heavy Duty Racks

For the maximum utiliztaion of space we offer a wide range of pallet storage racks. these are manufactured using superior quality material (high tensile strength steel) and can easily store heave and bulky items. durable and precision engineered, our range can store commodities fo different sizes.

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medium duty racks

Medium duty racking has good appearance and scientific structure. It is consisted of vertical columns, crossbeams, narrow hanging, wide hanging, layer plates, safety pins, limiting nails and plastic footing. The structure is inserting connected by slice and beam. Its safe and convenient to access. The beam can be adjusted by 50mm distance for large carriage and long unit rack. Load capability of each one is 250- 500 kg. It is widely used in stores, supermarkets, company storages, public institutions.

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Slotted Angle Rackss

Slotted Angle provides simple, cost-efficient solutions for virtually any storage requirement. The unique pre-punched hole pattern allows multiple steel sections to be bolted together to form sturdy shelving and storage systems. Combining steel shelves with Slotted Angle uprights provides one of the most versatile and economical shelving systems available. With a wide range of heights, depths and lengths, Slotted Angle is a quick and easy storage solution for stores, workshops, warehouses and wherever a cost effective and easily assembled shelving unit makes a difference. Slotted Angle is used in a wide variety of applications including shelving, benches, trolleysand light construction work. It is sturdy, tough, adaptable, rigid when assembled, easy to relocate and ideal for special purpose designs.

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mobile shelving

Mobile shelving, mobile aisle shelving, roller racking, or rolling stack, are terms applied to shelving or storage units fitted with wheeled traction systems. Units can be closely packed when access is not required, but can be readily moved to open up an aisle to allow access. By eliminating the need for a permanently open aisle between every unit, a smaller proportion of floor space can be allocated to storage than in the case of conventional fixed shelving, or a higher capacity of storage can be met using the same footprint as fixed shelving. Each shelving unit is normally mounted on a level trackway (to eliminate gradients in the supporting floor), making it possible to move heavy units with minimal effort. Mobile shelving can be moved manually or by the use of electrical motors. The track/flooring can either sit on top of an existing floor or be integrated into raised access flooring allowing for a smooth transition between unit and surrounding floor levels.

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bolt free shelving

A basic 'starter' shelving bay can be constructed in minutes using either of the four types of upright frame together with matching shelves in three widths.From a single bay, extension bays can easily be added to create runs of single sided or back-to-back shelving. Shelves feature a front and rear box section design giving superior load bearing strength and rigidity. And Rite Rack brilliantly designed shelf support clips slot easily into uprights to create a reliable, rigid structure and help prevent accidental shelf dislodgement. Once your shelving bay is up, extend its capabilities still further withadd-on accessories like shelf dividers, plastic drawers, garment hanging rails and runners for suspension files.

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Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine floors are the most cost effective storage solution for any business that has run out of floor space because it allows you to take advantage of available overhead height and create brand new areas of storage, office space or manufacturing and assembly areas. It is fixed to the wall to give the impression that they are floating above the ground. This is accomplished with high quality steel timber frames. Mezzanine floor is the most optimal solution when the existing space in your office is no longer big enough to accommodate your needs. By expanding your space with the use of this type of flooring you can save the cost and also you can double your production and storage space in a short timeframe. A mezzanine floor can cope with many different applications, from light storage to the support of very heavy machinery.  

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Stainless Steel

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There are times when floor space is at a premium or there is no need for a large freestanding cupboard. In such cases, metal wall mounted cupboards may offer the perfect solution. These cupboards are ideal for use above workbenches or in areas with restricted space. Wall mounted cupboards can be put to good use in many work areas and the adjustable steel shelves offer support for items large and small. For additional storage, consider using one of the add-on items such as the drawer dividers or bin kits. The drawer dividers can create medium to small compartments to keep track of the items that most typically get lost in a larger workspace; store everything from paper clips and small hand tools to an extra set of keys. Bin kits offer the same type of security and versatility for shelving units.

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