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Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile


  • Interior kitchen fit outs especially for backsplashes
  • Can be used as bathroom walls
  • Can be used on Floor for design
  • Ceilings architectural designs


With a range of different materials and designs available, mosaic tiles is a perfect and cost effective way to turn any internal wall to a work of art. We are able to offer finishes of stainless steel which include all our available finishes. Materials such as glass, ceramic, mother of pearl, etcetera can be mixed with stainless steel tiles further enhancing the beauty of the mosaic.

Our mosaic tiles are easy to install and take no time at all. You can find a step by step installation procedure under our technical specification.

Applications / Designs:

Interior kitchen fit outs especially for backsplashes.

Can be used as bathroom walls.

Can be used on Floor for design.



  • Material : Stainless Steel, Glass and Ceramic.
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  • Standards : N/A.
  • Surface Finish : Multiple variations available.
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