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multi door

multi door

One door & two way or two door & one way control (PR-7312)
Two doors & two way control or Four doors & one way control (PR-7324)

Multi Door Access Control PR-7312 provide all the necessary hardware components in one box to complete or extend an access control system. From powerful Multi Door Access Control PR-7312 to readers and key tags, our kits have you covered. These kits are ideal for large applications where space, time, and budget are important considerations. Rather than having to install separate enclosures for each controller, the kits enable you to mount multiple controllers inside a single enclosure. Multi Door Access Control PR-7312 are also available to expand the system in 4-door increments. The expansion kits leave nothing to chance and provides the basic peripherals to expand your system such as additional Multi Door Access Control PR-7312, transformers, rechargeable batteries, and more – all with the convenience of one model number. 8912 multi-door access controller is ideal for small businesses, office buildings, factories, industrial sites, apartment complexes, or for any application that requires access control and reporting capabilities. The Multi Door Access Control Panels PR-8912 multi-door controller that easily expands to control up to 24 doors with tracker expansion boards. Each 1830 Series unit allows Voice and Data connection over either Cellular, VoIP, Wireless, or POTS

Controls up to 8 or 12 doors from one enclosure (depending on model size enclosure)
Cost-effectively consolidate multiple controllers in a single enclosure
Integrates with EntraPass software
Expand system in 4-door increments using the Multi Door Access Control PR-7312
Convenient, time and space saving
Real-time management control and monitoring, Comprehensive reports tool
Long Range Anti-theft Readers
High scalability access control systems
DIP-switch selectable unique controller address
SMART-Scanner integration providing fast and easy identification
Integration to External alarm systems

  • Model No. : 7312

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