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Hashima HNX-6630 X-ray Inspection Machine

Hashima HNX-6630 X-ray Inspection Machine


High-precision sensor

With high-precision X-ray linear sensor, image of 300μm size of foreign object can be taken.
Note: It may show unclear image, depends on the inspected material

Ultrafast Processor

To process large volume of images at high speed, quipped with the 64bit ultrafast CPU (Corei7) and the large capacity memory of 8GB which doubles the processing capabilities. (This spec may be changed without any notifications)

Dual Monitors

2 monitors are included as standard equipment. During the inspection, up to 6 images can be displayed at a time.

Full-color Display

Full-color inspection screens make the detection of foreign object easier.

Adjustable-speed Photographing

Photographing speed can be adjusted for each products.

Memory Function

Setup condition for each product class (X-ray intensity, screen setting, auto detection, conveyor speed image range) and images can be saved to the memory. (up to 30 products classes)


All image data are saved and the matching label for each product can be printed out with the optional label printer. Images can be color printed. Also, via computer network, images can be transferred.

Simple Measuring Function

To minimize oversight, X-ray image automatically assists the operator in detection foreign objects. (it doesn’t ensure 100% detection)

Simple Foreign Objects Auto Detection Function

Using the scanned image, the distance between 2 points on the belt can be simply measured.

Multi langrage Display

Come equipped with Japanese, English, and Chinese display.

Safety-sensitive Design

To protect the operator from X-ray exposure, equipped with sufficient safety measure.

Large size LCD Display

In addition to the 2 screens, large size LCD on the main body also shows the operation condition, availability etc.

X-ray Protection Function

For the longer operating life of X-ray tube, “Auto aging” and “Auto cooling” functions save the X-ray, and X-ray dosage is controlled during each inspection.

Inspecting Direction

Products can be put in from both sides. (Right or Left) required setting.)

Energy saving function


Depending on the operation aspect, automatically control and reduce power consumption.

  • Line Sensor : High Resolution Straight type (dual monitor)
  • equired Operating Temperature : 5~35℃
  • Max Object Weight : 30kg
  • X-ray Tube Voltage : 30~80kV
  • Options    : Touch Panel, Roller Conveyor, PC Printer, Label rinter
  • Picture Contrast : Standard
  • Line Sensor Pixels : 1664 Pixels
  • Leakage Dose : Less than 1μï¼³v/h
  • Photofraphing Condition : 30 Categories
  • Angle : 0°or  25° (Double Direction)
  • Belt Speed : 10m/min 15m/min 25m/min (Adjustable)
  • Model : HNX-6630DS
  • Inspected Label    : Option (Company name, Lot #,etc.)
  • Tunnel Size : 665(W)×300(H)
  • HDD : 2ï¼´ï¼¢
  • LCD Pixels : 1920×1200
  • Minimum Imaging Ability : FeΦ0.3mm / SUS (wire) φ0.2 x 5mm (SUS304:7.93g/㎠) or Above
  • Picture Sharpness : Standard
  • X-ray Tube Current : 0~3mA
  • Sensor Width : 665.6mm   
  • Picture Saving Format : TIFF/BMP/JPEG
  • OS : Windows7(64Bit)
  • LCD Size : 23inch (Dual Monitor)
  • Memory    : 8GB
  • elt Width (mm) : 660
  • Machine Weight : 650kg
  • Auto Object Judgement System : Standard
  • Max Object Size    Length : 520~1,400mm
  • Required Operating Humidity : 20~80%RH
  • Inspecting Direction : Right/Left (Adjustable)
  • Picture Saving : Product Informations are saved for traseability
  • Power Consumption : 0.9kVA
  • Picture Printing Function : Standard
  • Dimenstions    : 2130×990×1745mm(H)
  • Picture Zoom : 0.4 - 16times zoom
  • Safety Sensor : Avaiable
  • Output Voltage : AC90~240V 50/60Hz

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