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Our offered Product range includes iOLM Testing, Optical Line Lifecycle Testing, Spectral Testing, Dispersion Analysis and MultiTest Module.

iOLM Testing

OTDRs are at the core of EXFO’s optical expertise. Leading the OTDR market with a 48% market share and the broadest OTDR portfolio, EXFO offers an OTDR built smart for any type of network. Based on field knowledge and 20 years of OTDR expertise, EXFO’s OTDRs are designed to meet network operators’ latest requirements. Combining intelligence and accuracy with user-friendliness, our solutions require minimal training and provide you with measurements you can trust, minimizing truck rolls and accelerating workflow in the field. With numerous singlemode and multimode configurations available at several wavelengths, our OTDRs come in handheld or modular formats. Intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM) Innovation is front and center at EXFO, and the iOLM is a prime example of a game-changing solution. The iOLM lets you take advantage of the full power of your OTDR, bringing automation to a new level—and enabling even the untrained technician to become a test expert in no time.

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Optical Line Lifecycle Testing

Stay On Top of Your Network Quality. Always. These products are used as fixed test equipment (as opposed to portable), serving as remote test resources for the mobile workforce. Through optical switching and operating from a network node, they centralize, automate and simplify the execution of various fiber tests commonly performed throughout the different phases of the network lifecycle. Built on EXFO's world-leading OTDR technology, these products qualify, certify, activate, troubleshoot and monitor any point-to-point (P2P) or point-to-multipoint (P2MP) network link. Thanks to their small form factor, high port density, low-power consumption and carrier-class design, they can be installed at locations where a large quantity of fiber-optic cables converge in access networks, whether at a central office (CO), a point of presence (POP) or a local exchange site. These innovative solutions can also be integrated into any network management system, using a full set of documented APIs.

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Spectral Testing

Bandwidth demand keeps increasing, thanks to the growing popularity of data-hungry applications such as video-on-demand, voice-over-IP (VoIP) and videoconferencing. Service providers therefore need to deploy faster, more reliable networks, using novel technologies such as reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADM) or 40G networks. Optical Spectrum Analyzers to Characterize CWDM and DWDM Networks Reducing downtime in CWDM and DWDM networks calls for an accurate measurement of optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) . However, ROADM and 40 Gbits networks present a new and unique challenge, as the existing OSNR measurement methods yield incorrect results. EXFO’s WDM-Aware method is the answer to this new challenge, providing reliable i-in-band OSNR measurement on a per-channel basis.

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Dispersion Analysis

Chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) hamper transmission in high-speed networks. These speed-limiting phenomena threaten the integrity of the signal starting at 10 Gbits, which in turn affects the quality of service. EXFO: PMD and CD Test Leader EXFO is the world’s no. 1 in dispersion testing, earning the trust of tier-1 customers globally. Our innovation and leadership is also recognized by standards bodies such as the IEC, TIA and ITU. As high-bandwidth deployments become more common, network topographies evolve and specific CAPEX and OPEX challenges arise. Thanks to time-proven expertise, EXFO is in a unique position to deliver dispersion test solutions that address your reality.

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MultiTest Module

  • Series FTB-3930

Housed in either the FTB-500 Platform or the FTB-200 Compact Platform, the FTB-3930 MultiTest Module provides fully automated bidirectional loss test results in 10 seconds for up to three wavelengths, as well as automatic ORL and fiber-length measurement. It combines up to five light sources, a power meter, a visual fault locator and a full-duplex digital talk set—all this and more in a single modular instrument built for today’s fiber-optic testing requirements. This unit easily and efficiently provides complete, high-quality test documentation. Its data logging and management features help users quickly access and download test results to any PC for in-depth analysis and first-class report generation. The FTB-3930 MultiTest Module is a next-generation automated loss test set designed for network service providers, installers and cable operators. An FTTx Test Solution This product is part of EXFO's series of FTTx optical test products. It allows for the testing of passive optical networks (PONs) at the three main wavelengths (1310, 1490 and 1550 nm) used in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks and complies with the ITU-T G.983 and G.984 Recommendation series and the IEEE 802.3ah standard. FTTx Mode—Optimized for Testing Passive Optical Networks (PONs) This mode lets you configure your FTB-3930 to suit your FTTx wavelengths and test-unit locations, as well as choose your preferred data presentation options for on-screen display or report generation. Benefits include the display of test data according to FTTx terminology, as well as similar test-data presentation, regardless of the location of main and remote units. A Single Tool for All Backreflection, Fiber-Length and Loss Measurement Needs Because learning how to operate only one instrument is easier and much faster, test specialists should choose an all-in-one tool that enables them to perform tasks such as installing long-haul high-speed networks, testing 131014901550 nm transmission in FTTH networks, performing multimode testing in enterprise networks, etc.—a do-it-all solution such as the FTB-3930 MultiTest Module. Key Advantages for All Network Types The FTB-3930 module delivers fast, three-wavelength loss and ORL results based on user-configurable passfail thresholds, for error-free testing. It is the only unit of its kind designed for testing both multimode and singlemode fiber. What’s more, it comes with a GeX detector, for high-power measurement up to +26 dBm. Thanks to user-friendly features and various options (video fiber inspection probe, talk set, visual fault locator, etc.), the FTB-3930 MultiTest Module requires little training and offers the flexibility that field crews look for.

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