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Our offered Product range includes PVC Sheets, COLOR PVC SHEETS, POLYPROPYLENE PLASTICS, Time Attendance Machine and magnetic sheets.

PVC Sheets

Most people and businesses that often make use of stationary and similar products often require a choice that is not only durable and of high quality, but can also provide certain added advantages, including multipurpose use, resistance to things like water, moisture and dirt, and overall attractive features and appearance for the best presentation. The clear PVC sheet is one of the materials that tick all the right boxes, and its durability makes it ideal for repeated and long-term use. Its clear appearance makes it perfect for use in a number of dealings, exhibiting simplicity. The vast number of useful practical features means the sheets can be used for a number of purposes not just around the office, but perhaps outside as well. The sheets come in a number of variants to suit all kinds of office and industrial needs, and not just in the clear form, but also the frost design, for those who need a clear yet non-revealing material. Clear PVC Sheet Specifications and Varieties: 100 micron 150 micron 175 micron 200 micron 250 micron 300 micron (51x100cm) 300 micron 2P 500 micron 2P 500 micron matt/gloss 700 micron 2P 750 micron 2p 1000 micron 2p 1200 micron 2p (1.2x2.4m- 8x4ft) Frost PVC Sheet Specifications and Varieties: 200 micron 250 micron 300 micron 300 micron (51x100cm) 300 micron (51x29cm) 500 micron 500 micron (51x100cm) 700 micron 700 micron (51x100cm) 1000 micron 1000 micron (51x100cm Features Of PVC Sheets And Materials PVC (poly vinyl chloride) sheets are one of the most widely used forms of plastic materials. They have a number of features that make them good for not only office and school uses, but also a nice choice for industrial purposes. The PVC sheets material is fairly lightweight, especially compared to how durable and resistant to most daily forms of impact it is. Its expanded form, which is the most demanded form, can be cut into the required shapes and sizes, or altered to fit the required use easily. Modifications in the form of painting, coloring, marking, labeling, and lamination are also very easy thanks to the highly compatible texture and build of the plastic. One of the most useful features for everyday use regardless of where this is, is the material’s waterproof and chemical resistant properties, which help ensure the materials stored inside also remain protected when this sheet is used. The surface also has an exterior that makes it easy to wipe and keep clean.

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PVC (poly vinyl chloride) sheets are an extremely attractive and diverse use material for the office and the home. Because of their multipurpose nature and an exterior that embodies longevity, their use is very common in establishments that require a strong plastic material for storage or covering paper or other sensitive materials. The plastic has a number of properties that makes it excellent for use in things that seek to protect of cover other materials. For example, the plastic is totally waterproof, which means paper and paper products can easily be stored or wrapped inside, without the worry about damage. Other materials that could be protected include water-sensitive materials placed outdoors, such as wooden furniture, or broken rooftops, which need to be protected from the sun, heat and water. The color PVC sheets come in numerous useful variants to serve both, industry and business, and a number of solid and simple colors for special presentation requirements. Color PVC Sheet Specifications And Varieties: 300 micron red 200 micron blue 200 micron black 200 micron yellow 200 micron red 200 micron parrot green (97x56cm) 300 micron yellow 300 micron black 500 micron black matt 500 micron red matt 500 micron yellow 500 micron black gloss 800 micron yellow matt 800 micron red matt 1000 micron black matt

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Plastics are one of the most versatile materials in the world owing to a number of useful characteristics and properties, along with their relatively cheap manufacturing and mass production processes. Even in comparison with several stronger or tougher materials such as steel and concrete, plastics now enable people and businesses across the world to avail a light and multipurpose material for countless purposes. One of the most frequently used plastics in the world is polypropylene, which perhaps best personifies the advantages related to the use of plastics in any industry. Not only is the market for this plastic very large and spread across several major industries, it continues to expand at a rapid pace as more sophisticated processes and manufacturing drive the price of making the plastic down. The plastic belongs to the branch of plastics known as polymers, and is used in numerous sectors, including packaging, clothing, stationery, plastic parts, and plastic furniture. Its durability and rigidity also makes it a useful item in the building and construction sector, which is perhaps the best testament to how solid it is. Altos Polypropylene Best Features Polypropylene is perhaps one of the few basic materials that have virtually no disadvantages of use, and even when there are there, are viewed as beneficial in some circles. The most attractive features of the plastic include: Very rugged and resistant to several strong or corrosive acidic and chemical liquids. Anti-fatigue properties, which are the measure of how vulnerable a plastic is to losing its newness through frequent use, make the plastic very good for use in packs and storing materials for food. Impressively resists corrosion and is hardly vulnerable to the process of chemical leaching. Strong build makes it very good for materials that need to be resistant to high impact and be used in situations that involve physical damage, such as harsh weather conditions and freezing Possible Disadvantages Of Polypropylene The smooth surface of the plastic means chances adhesives and glues meant to put a piece in place with another, or another material will not work, which is why pieces are joined by fusion. This is still viewed as an advantage in some circles, owing to the solidity of the bond.

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Time Attendance Machine

As the pace and extent of standardization in business increases, and more and more establishments look to rely on technology and automation to deliver better products and services, it becomes more important for the emerging sectors and smaller business to keep pace. Automation Edge The most important advantage of this is that for the company as a whole, this would mean rendering as much attention and employee hours on core operations as possible. For the human resource departments in companies, the fact that certain payroll processes become easier with the help of machines means more time and resources to focus on harnessing more employee potential. Altos Time Attendance Machine For this reason, our computer division has put together a device that combines time-effective business inclinations with easy to manage data. The machine provides a huge advantage for businesses that have been doing their payroll calculations and computations up until now through manual processes. Manual Attendance Management Shortfalls That way of doing things opens the company up to many miscalculations, often meaning that employees are paid their salaries and bonuses regardless of strictly accounting for leaves, late entries, early exits, and short daily hours. Not only this, but that also presents a sort of a challenge for the accounting process, which cannot then be able to account for each financial detail, without the use of the payroll and attendance data. The time attendance machine and other automated ways of managing the payroll mechanism provides not only convenience and speed advantages, but also provides accessibility to a number of relevant users across several required platforms.

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magnetic sheets

A number of industrial applications that have to do with exhibition and display of either items in the pictured form, or by way of catalog or printed advertisement need the mode of attachment to be convenient and the material to be attached to be lightweight. Securing Display Materials For poster and banner materials for example, one of the foremost requirements is that they ought to be able to attach easily. If not, this can present a number of challenges, such as the ability to reach the decorated place time and time again. Second, the displayed material is required to be secured to the wall involved as securely as possible. This may lead to the use of glues or tapes to bind them. Both of thee methods present a difficulty. The use of glues may bind the material too strongly, tarnishing the banner and the wall with sticky adhesive. Tapes on the other hand, although neater and more convenient, present the risk of tearing way too easily. Fortunately, there is a recent addition to this ensemble, which combines many neatness and convenience factors into one simple package, made easier with the use of technology and customizability aspects. Altos Magnetic Sheets And Rolls Magnetic sheets are panels of paper that have been magnetized so that they can be used to attach the promotional or exhibition material to places. In their most basic form, they are uncoated and of the same color on both sides. The side to be attached is usually the one with the stronger magnetic force, while the front, where the promotional material is printed, has a weaker magnetic force. Altos Magnetic sheets and rolls deliver a number of advantages making the product perfect for use in daily and special activities. These are available in a number of cost-effective varieties, and are very light, making them a breeze to transport or carry from one place to another. Uses For Magnetic Sheets And Rolls The versatility of printing abilities, the lightweight, and magnetic property makes the sheets perfect for use where the basic idea is the display of material. Where there is a metal space available for promotional use, these can be great for placement, helped further by convenience factors. Glue or tape need not be used time and time again to make sure the material is held in place, or in fact, remains straight or aligned. The magnetic attachment force provides a neat and easy alternative for this. The sheets are also often used for placement on vans and trucks, usually either for the company that owns the trucks to market itself, or when these vehicles are available for hire. The large size of the materials and the magnetic force make sure the banner stays in place even as the truck is driven on very high speeds.

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Pvc Rolls

PVC (poly vinyl chloride) rolls are a form of plastic, which is widely regarded for its durability and easy of use. Those that sell PVC sheets and rolls or often deal with also provide the service of cutting the material into different preset lengths and widths, or specified dimensions depending on user needs. Compared to a number of other harder perhaps more durable materials, this gives PVC products and edge because of a great deal of customizability. Whatever the need for the PVC rolls is, buying them in bulk is a cheap way to obtain them given the needs of the business or organization are vast. PVC rolls come in a number of useful varieties including the standard plain and clear sort, to other thicker types meant for specific industrial uses. Most manufacturers subject their PVC materials to extensive testing for quality, and many others even add additional materials to make them stronger and last longer. PVC Rolls Utility PVC sheets can be used in several internal and external environments depending on the specifications. A key advantage with the use of PVC is the way they handle a wide range of temperatures, from fairly cold to high indoor heat. Large PVC strips are often used for putting in place makeshift strip entrances and curtains. It is the next best thing to a sturdy door in place, owing to its tough and waterproof texture, which helps to make sure as little air passes between either side of the strip, making it suitable for heated and chilled rooms and environments. It also provides the added advantage of transparency, thereby delivering maximum visibility on either side. These properties make the material good for use not only in frozen storage, or for rooms to retain heating, but also at home for separating rooms by air environment, without dividing the viewing. This could be useful for example in cases where one wants for sequestration to take place without exchanging the internal environment. When used alongside curtains on the other hand, even as the window keeps the outside air and heat away, they could provide even more insulation against the heat that enters the room by conduction.

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