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Knauf Insulation Atmosphere Duct Wrap Roll Ultimate with ECOSE® Technology sets a new industry benchmark for sustainable, high-performance, cost-effective insulation solutions.

To create the next generation of sustainable insulation, we combined:

  • Sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources,
  • Minimum 61.9% post-consumer recycled bottle glass and
  • ECOSE Technology
ECOSE® Technology

ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary binder chemistry that enhances the sustainability of our products. The “binder” is the bond that holds our glass mineral wool product together and gives the product its shape and brown color. ECOSE Technology is a plant-based, sustainable chemistry that replaces the phenol/formaldehyde (PF) binder traditionally used in glass mineral wool products. Products using ECOSE technology are formaldehyde-free and have reduced global warming potential when compared to our products of the past.

Your Best Choice

Knauf Insulation Atmosphere Duct Wrap Roll Ultimate with ECOSE® Technology delivers:

Improved sustainability:

  • Uses renewable and abundant resources.
  • Contains an industry-leading percentage of post-consumer recycled glass.
  • Replaces non-renewable resources with renewable ones.
  • Based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials.
  • Eliminates non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals, such as phenol and formaldehyde.
  • Reduces binder embodied energy.
  • Contains no artificial colors.

Unsurpassed performance:

  • Cost-effective way to improve thermal and acoustical performance.
  • Is interior-friendly—EUROFINS Indoor AirQuality Gold Certified.
  • Helps projects achieve LEED Green Building Certification.
Great Handling Characteristics
  • Knauf Insulation Atmosphere Duct Wrap Roll Ultimate with ECOSE Technology boasts exceptional quality and handling characteristics that keep installers happy and more productive—great feel, low dust, quick recovery.
  • Flexible, lightweight—conforms easily to flat or irregular surfaces.
  • Tough and resilient—resists damage in shipment and during and after installation.
  • Easier, faster measurement of stretch-out lengths with KwikStretch® Markings on the FSK and PSK staple flanges.
  • Rolls allow for faster installation, lower labor costs.
Great Performance Benefits

Knauf Insulation Atmosphere Duct Wrap with ECOSE Technology meets all the specifications and performance requirements for your projects.

Excellent Acoustical Barrier

  • Reduces sound transmission through the duct wall of noise generated by air turbulence and mechanical equipment for quiet, efficient air delivery

Conserves Energy

  • Low “k” factor significantly reduces heat gain or loss.
  • Lowers operating costs—increases system efficiency and reduces energy usage.

Controls Condensation

  • FSK  facing assure condensation control with proper installation and sealed joints, seams and penetrations.
  • Knauf Insulation Atmosphere Duct Wrap Roll Ultimate with ECOSE Technology is a thermal and acoustical insulation blanket bonded with ECOSE Technology for use as an external insulation on commercial or residential heating or air conditioning ducts.
  • Suitable for the exterior of rectangular or round sheet metal ducts and spaces and surfaces where temperature and condensation must be controlled.
  • Ideal for cooling, heating or dual temperature service.
Technical Data

Surface Burning Characteristics

  • UL Classified (FSK).
  • Unfaced or composite (insulation, facing and adhesive) does not exceed 25 Flame Spread, 50 Smoke Developed when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84
  • NFPA 255 and UL 723.

Temperature Range (ASTM C 411)

  • Faced—up to  121˚C (250˚F); Unfaced—up to  177˚C(350˚F).

Water Vapor Sorption (ASTM C 1104)

  • Less than 5% by weight when tested for 96 hours at  49˚C (120˚F) and 95% relative humidity.

Water Vapor Permeance (ASTM E 96, Procedure A)

  • FSK Facing maximum .02 perms.

Corrosiveness (ASTM C 665)

  • Does not accelerate corrosion on steel, copper or aluminum.

Corrosion (ASTM C 1617)

  • The corrosion rate in mils/yr will not exceed that of 1 ppm chloride solution.

Resistance to Microbial Growth (ASTM C 1338)

  • No growth.

Puncture Resistance (TAPPI Test T803) (Beach Units)

  • FSK: 25

  • FSK : 1" & 2"


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