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Aquapro Water Softeners

Aquapro Water Softeners

Aquapro offer a wide range of residential and light commercial water softeners to remove the minerals responsible for hard water scale that plugs and damages water heaters and other appliances and creates unsightly deposits on your dishes, shower doors and faucets. We have a water softener to fit every need and budget. We are also pleased to offer an array of salt-free hard water conditioners as well.

CAPACITY: 1500 GPD to 10000 GPD
Cabinet-L: 32x48x114 cm (Blue & White)
USA Made Control Valve (8'' x 22'' tank use )
1252/1054 Fiber Glass Vessel
1252/1054 Carbon Vessel
UK Made Cation Resin Bed
Transformer 12V
Salt Valve Set
1'' Inlet Connector
Brine Pipe Connector
Shipping Dimension: 51x45x125 cm/set
Weight: 46 KG



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Aquapro Water Purifier And Filters

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