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Automatic Double Channels Syringe Pump (MM-SIP003)

Automatic Double Channels Syringe Pump (MM-SIP003)

We are offering automatic double channels syringe pump.features:
multi-channels (double-channels), sub-rate injectionfour kinds of injection modes: rate mode, time mode, body weight mode,link mode.innovative design of outer appearance gives a strong sense of science and technologydouble cpu makes the process of injection safer and more reliable.brand-new stm32 arm-cortex m3 plat-form, optimized circuit design, operation rate more faster and stablethe use of tft color lcd makes the screen display more menu, easy operation; functions fully meet the clinical demand.ample and user-friendly indicator information; accurate and complete alarm information to ensure safe injection.aluminum alloy base, integrative pump device makes more smooth operation and easier installation and maintenance..


Maximum injection rate1500 ml/h (Different syringes have different maximum flow rate.)
Injection flow rate range5 ml injector: 0.1.100ml/h 10 ml injector: 0.1.200 ml/h 20 ml injector: 0.1.400 ml/h 30 ml injector: 0.1.600 ml/h 50 ml injector: 0.1.1500 ml/h
Injection increment0.1
Bolus rate5 ml injector: 100ml/h 10 ml injector: 200 ml/h 20 ml injector: 400 ml/h 30 ml injector: adjustable from 400.600 ml/h 50 ml injector: adjustable from 400.1500ml/h
Injection mode selection1. Rate mode; 2. Time mode; 3. Body Weight mode; 4. Link mode
Rate modeRate: 0.1.1500.0ml/h (maximum value depends on the injector specifications)
Time modeTime: 1minute.2000 minutes. Volume limit: 0.1ml.999.9 ml
Body Weight modeWeight: 0.1.300.0 kg Drug: 0.1.999.9 mg Volume: 0.1.999.9 ml Dose: 0.1.9999.9 (restricted to unit, drug, solution, weight and injector specification). Unit: mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min
KVO rate Adjustable range: 0.5.0ml/h (begin the KVO function under the occlusion situation); Setting value as 0 to cancel the KVO function when it is unnecessary in use.
Water-proof gradeIPX1
Injection pressureThe maximum pressure is 300 kpa, occlusion alarm pressure gate value is 40kPa.160kPa, when pressure value is minimum, injection rate is 5ml/h, the longest alarm time is 10 minutes.
Preset volume scope0.1.999.9 ml
Preset time scope0.2000 minutes
Accumulated injection volume display0.1.999.9 ml
Injection accuracy┬▒5.
Power supply100V-240V., 50Hz,┬▒1Hz, 30VA
BatteryRechargeable lithium polymer battery, 7.4V, 1600mAh
Maximum power consumption10VA, running more than 2 hours at the rate of 5ml/h after being fully charged.
Battery chargeWhen double-channel syringe pump is connected to AC power and the power is on, the battery will charge automatically. (about 8.14 hours to recharge fully)
FusesT 2AL 250V
Displayed and indicated informationInjection rate, accumulated volume, syringe specification, battery capacity, bed No., AC power indicator, operation indication, etc.
State indication informationStop, injection, bolus, KVO ( If KVO rate is set as 0, it doesn't display KVO when occlusion alarm occurs)
Alarm functionsNear completion, Over, occlusion, disengage, low battery, abnormal 1, abnormal 2, abnormal 3, abnormal 4, serious low battery
Size of the outer shell320 mmx110 mmx200mm.(length x width x height)
ClassificationClass, Type BF
Outer shell materialABS Plastic
Operating conditionEnvironment temperature:.5.40, air pressure: (86.106) kPa, relative humidity: <80%
Storage conditionEnvironment temperature:.40.55, air pressure: (50.106) kPa, relative humidity: <95%. No poisonous gas and well ventilation
Applicable syringesNational standard syringes: 5ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 30ml, 50 ml
StandardsGB9706.1-2007, GB 9706.27-2005, ISO7886-1:1993, GB9969.1-1998, GB/T14710.1993, GB191-2008, YY0466-2003

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