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Lithotripsy System (MM-LS001 (Extracorpo)

Lithotripsy System (MM-LS001 (Extracorpo)

We are offering lithotripsy system.this model includes motorized control of the treatment table in the vertical, longitudinal and transverse directions. These movements- as well as other control features- are made from the mobile console, which can be placed next to the machine, behind a radiation barrier or even in an adjacent room, according to the requirements of the customer. The treatment table is x-ray transparent, allowing for other radiological procedures.

the standard model includes an integrated u-arm x-ray with motorized oblique movements (manual control, optional). The operation of the u-arm is also made from the console’s soft-touch control panel. A major advantage of the stable x-ray is that, unlike non-attached systems, the second focal point (f2) does not need to be checked prior to the treatment procedure, saving the operator time in the preparation process. The system can also be provided with an integrated c-arm replacing the u-arm, thereby providing an added orbital movement, and a convenient infrared remote controller.

an optional feature is the spherical ultrasound attachment. The doctor simply locates the position of the stone and then places the probe into the device’s holder. Adjustment can be made as required.

a major advantage of the attachment is it allows for both fluoroscopic and ultrasonic localization of the stone simultaneously.

this model is a user-friendly soft-touch panel places many special features at the operator’s fingertips. It is divided into three main sections:

the section (right side of panel)
alphanumeric lcd screen (describing current operating condition)ellipsoid fill/drainshock counter set/clearadjustable shock poweradjustable frequency controlchoice of single, double or triple shockschoice of automatic, remote, ecg or respiratory modesstart/stoparc movement (optional)the treatment table section (middle of panel)vertical adjustmentlongitudinal adjustmenttransverse adjustmentthe x-ray section (left side of panel)led displays (indicating levels of kv, ma and minutes of use)icon buttons controlling kv, ma and timermotorized oblique movement (manual control, optional)manual and automatic mode selectionimage control buttons (providing normal view, horizontal flip, and vertical flip)system warning indicators

the optional smart software is a new developed control program for this model that works on a pentium pc under windows 95 and higher versions.

patent database

the smart’s database stores patient information for statistical use and later recollection. Biographical, operator, diagnostic, stone and treatment information are recorded along with miscellaneous notes and comments. All of the data can be easily stored, searched, recalled, printed, and deleted. With a click of the mouse, treatment information including: date, biographical details of patient, operating mode, average kv applied, average frequency, number of shocks sent, and duration of treatment can be instantly stored for future reference. Graphics and real time snap-shot images from the treatment can also be attached to this database for later use.

spherical ultrasound attatchment can be adjusted a variety different positions

the spherical ultrasound attatchment maintains a proper f2 focus regardless of its position

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