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MM-C001 Central Patient Monitor System (MM-C001 Central Pati)

MM-C001 Central Patient Monitor System (MM-C001 Central Pati)

The Center Monitor System, as a kind of medical information device widely applied in the clinical monitoring field, comprises of central monitoring software and a high-performance PC as well as several connected monitors, building a monitoring network. This system itself works at the centre of such a monitoring network, conducting collective data collection, data display, data record, data analysis, remote monitoring and remote measurement for the connected monitors. All the data measured from such monitors are directly displayed on computer screen in the way of waveform and data, and through such waveform and data medical personnel may carry on real-time monitoring for several beds of patients, or alternatively, record the real-time patient data as historic data, which may be called out at any later time for analysis. This kind of Center Monitor System can save doctors from plenty of complicated works and significantly improve the monitoring quality.
Waveforms available in the Center Monitor System:
ECG waveformRESP waveformPULSE waveformIBP1 waveformIBP2 waveformCO2 waveform
Parameters available to be displayed in the Center Monitor System:
Main functions available in the Center Monitor System:
Able to connect maximally 16 monitors at the same time;Able to provide doctors alarm information in time, such as technical alarms,physical alarms and other information. Refer to the Alarm chapter for details. Freeze waveforms and record;Unlimited data record (up to HD capacity);Record alarm information;Replay historic data;Replay of alarm information;Patient information management.

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