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Mm-en001 Ent Unit

Mm-en001 Ent Unit

its exemplary sized model which is widely used in e.n.t and family medicine.e.n.t treatment unit in which the requires tools for spray, vent &anti-fog function to be used for the medical examination & treatment of ear, nose and throat are installed.
suction system has the superioty of powerful suction under low noise with oilless type two- head motor. suction pressure level can be adjusted by suction pressure control valve and oil change is not required. by the customer's request, oil motor can be equipped. anti-fog system installed insideit can be used with ent chair and visual system. it can be operated and controlled by the switch in the control panel providing the easy and comfort treatmenttop board made by white artificial marble gives the comfortability and high class atmosphere without erosion.suction system equipped with double overflow prevention structure provides the safety from sewage. suction bottle made by glass is not eroded by sewage and the rubber cork prevents sewage stench.the high tech design gives easy-installation and maintenance , flexibility of space and convenient patients-treatment.spray, suction and vent pressure can be controlled by each valve for the required levele.n.t chair operated full- automatically for the function of position setting (up, down, lie, rise, rotation) according to the purpose of ear, nose and throat treatment or operation. it is fully automatic oil pressure examination chair which is generally used in e.n.t and medicine part.
ent chair specification:
up, down, lie, rise, and chair rotation(rear board angle with 90 ~ 180 degrees) will be done by full- automation mechanism.arm rest can be rotated 360 degrees, giving the comfortability to patients when getting on and down.chair can be controlled by the switch in ent unithead rest made from stainless steel mold is so solid and has semi-permanent life time without shaking, sinking & erosion.covered by high frequency are so strong, endurable from scratch, not sewage easily, which makes the patient's stability.foot switch equipped basically has the function to operate the chair simply can be rotated 360 degrees by automation systemlong stroke supports the convenient treatment for children and adults with the best condition.oil-pressure system adopted has semi-permanent life time.

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