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Mm-fms001 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (MM-FMS001 Fluorescen)

Mm-fms001 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (MM-FMS001 Fluorescen)

We are offering mm-fms001 fluorescence spectrophotometer.
Application :
fluorescent spectrophotometry is a kind of modern spectrophotometry with high sensitivity and selectivity. It can offer the information of excitation & emission spectrum, light emitting intensity & life, fluorescence polarization etc. And a wide linear range of operating curve, so that it has become an important means involved in trace analysis

it can be applied to the fields below :
medical & clinical tests-clinical analysis of biogenic testing materialpharmaceutics & pharmacology-natural pharmacon analysis, pharmaceutical quality control and pharmacon metabolism researchbiochemistry-minute quantity substance measurement in biological bodyfood industry-measurement of trace components in foodpollutant analysis-air pollution, environmental hygiene detection, food pollutants etcorganic & inorganic chemistry-analysis of trace components which cannot be measured with absorptive spectrophotometry
features :
special light source with high brightness and long service life, avoiding the interference of high-voltage impulse to the instrument caused by lamp time longer service life than high-pressure xenon lamp and high-pressure mercury lamp.low noise and high sensitivity with well performed hamamatsu photomultiplier. Best instrumental sn can reach to 1x10-9ml(quinine slufate).good thermal stability, can be used in the relatively abominable environment
specifications :
wavelength range: ex360~600nm (with 365nm interference filters), em360~650nm (with c-t monochromator)wavelength accuracy: em≤ ±2nmsensitivity: 1x10-9 (quinine sulfate)linearity error: ≤ ±3.0%wavelength reproducibility: em= ±1nm

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