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Mm-mri001 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Products 1.5t (MM-MRI001 MRI 1.5T)

Mm-mri001 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Products 1.5t (MM-MRI001 MRI 1.5T)

We are offering Mm-mri001 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Products 1.5t. our mri 1.5t offers the latest in mr technological advances at affordable pricing.
our mri 1.5t meets all diagnostic challenges with a full spectrum of clinical packages and pulse sequences, and its combined specifications rank it as one of the top high-end mri systems consist of an advanced proprietary 16-32 channel spectrometer and components produced by the industry's leading manufacturers from around the world.

the short bore, 60cm diameter 1.5t magnet is supplied by intermagnetics. their magnets are synonymous with high integrity, high homogeneity and reliability. the magnets are drop shipped directly to our customers thereby providing quick delivery after manufacturing the machine.

rf system
our mri 1.5t has virtually no limitations in its digital rf subsystem. every aspect of the rf chain has been enhanced to offer increased snr and image quality. the system provides excellent rf power and uniformity for all types of image acquisitions.
to maximize performance we distributes its rf via an advanced proprietary 16-32 channel spectrometer. this single component has enabled exponential enhancement in quality of our rf coil technology.
we currently offer a full array of coils to meet the imaging needs of our customers. a unique feature of our mri 1.5t is the ability to upgrade economically fro our 4 channel system to 8 and 16 channel architecture and beyond.

coil options : body / head / ctl / torso / knee / wrist / shoulder / neuron-vascular / lumber / peripheral vascular.

diffusion imaging
imaging method to detect diffusion difference between tissues by maximizing weak signal difference from diffusion. as t1 or t2 relaxation time decides signal strength in general mr image, diffusing level gives an effect on signal strength in diffusion imaging

parallel imaging
using the multi-coils (ctl coils) for parallel acquisition. ctl spine coil provided exquisite anatomical detail in this axial and sagittal spine image.

gess-fe imaging
gess-fe (true-fisp) is technique to combine each data set from performing fisp and psif in sequence. this method produces high s/n and resoluation. this methode can produce strong t2 weighted image in short time period.

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