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X-Ray Radiographic MM-X002 Diagnostic , Fluoroscopic System (MM-X002 Diagnostic X)

X-Ray Radiographic MM-X002 Diagnostic , Fluoroscopic System (MM-X002 Diagnostic X)

The system is the cost-effective solution for all routine fluoroscopic and radiographic examinations. The easy-to-use controls will make your room highly effective and suitable for your everyday fluoroscopy applications

The system comes with high frequency generator ranging 40 or 50kW, high performance X-ray tubes and an under table bucky with floor mounted or ceiling suspended tube stand to extend the application to general radiography studies. It is quite enough to satisfy all the needs of a primary diagnostic X-ray room. A tomography column is also available to further extend the scope of application of your diagnostic room.

The system is the right choice for all routine fluoroscopic and radiographic examinations. Its modular design allows several possible configurations to fit every need of a primary diagnostic X-ray room. It features a motorized tilting movement between +90 degree (vertical) and -15 degree (trendelemburg) with automatic stop at limits.

The system comes equipped with an innovative multi-format Spot Film Device for cassettes ranging in size from 18cm x 24cm to 35cm x 43cm - the ideal configuration form film based exposures with subdivisions in both directions up to 4 on1. Series acquisition can be performed up to a maximum of 4 exposures in 4 seconds, and "one-hand cassette loading" in each table position makes easy cassette insertion.

Ceiling suspended tube stand is designed for a wide range of movement for 4 directions with electromagnetic locks. Large dual LED display and counterbalanced spring type provides complete protection and easy operation.

The system tilting table slides 2 different ways to support patient positioning for proper fluoroscopic use. The table top endures more than 200kg weight with smooth operation. The extensive travel range of the spot film device, together with the longitudinal and transverse movement of the flat tabletop, provides a true head-to-toe examination area.

Features :
Microcontroller and computer integration deliver reliability and accurate exposure parameter management.APR operating mode with 288 examinations distributed across 8 anatomical regions.Simple and user-friendly technique reprogramming on site.Special CPU program manages and controls tube filament functioning and stable X-ray exposure performance. Manual override technology permits the operator to modify the recommended kV, mA and time.Sophisticated self-diagnostic capability and descriptive error messaged allow for fast and well-defined initial diagnostics.Compact display console is ideally suited for small control rooms. Comprehensive service program provides accurate troubleshooting and minimize downtime.Automatic Exposure Control can support either four solid state detectors or ion chambers. (Option)Automatic Brightness Stabilizer produces optimal fluoroscopic images. (Option)Supports one or two x-ray tubes in either radiographic or radiographic and fluoroscopic mode.

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