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audio control systems

audio control systems

Armiti provides and implements intelligent solutions for distribution and control of high-quality low-noise audio. Solutions include:
1) Distribution of audio in different parts of residential areas with the capability of controlling the audio volume in each part independently
2) The possibility of using several audio sources simultaneously and the capability to switch between these sources in different areas independently
3) Audio distribution system for gathering halls and BGM (Background Music) in public areas
4) Public addressing audio systems for schools, buildings and lecturing areas
5) Connecting the audio system to the building IP network to provide PC based control
6) Possibility of connecting personal Audio devices like iPOD to the system
7) Offering various types of speakers with different wattage or environmental protection for different areas and application. For example speakers with IP65 protection for using in dusty and humid areas, speakers for outdoor areas like gardens, water-proof speakers for bathrooms and so on. Different designs, colors and shapes of speakers are also available to match with different building architectures, including modern and classical designs.

The audio distribution solution can be connected to the intelligent network similar to other intelligent components of the system. Intelligent network also allows controlling the audio distribution for each area remotely. Moreover, lighting scenes and other predefined scenarios can be linked to audio system.
Armiti uses products of the well-know German companies in audio solutions. These products are compatible with intelligent bus and can be integrated with the whole automation system.

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