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We offer a complete product range of diamond scrub, Arnica Hair Oil, Face Wash, Hair Conditioning Lotion and Skin Brightening Lotion

diamond scrub

A premium diamond facial scrub for advanced skin care, it is a unique combination of ash of Diamond and organic extracts and oils. This diamond scrub for face is specially created to exfoliate the skin on face and body, removing dead skin cells and speeding up the cell renewal process. It enriched with almond, olive, coconut and apricot oils, along with cucumber seed, aloe vera juice, lemon peel, date, Vitamin E and honey. This unique diamond scrub cleanses, refines and revitalizes the skin, enhancing its youthful beauty and radiance.

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Arnica Hair Oil

ARNICA HAIR OIL This formulation, containing Arnica with other herbal extracts, helps to improve hair texture, remove loose dandruff flakes and make the hair look healthy, shiny and manageable. Improves the look of dry, damaged hair with split ends.

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Face Wash

FAIR ONE face wash a unique energizing and revilalizing deep pore, cleanser containing natural moisturizers and skin lighteners, like aloe vera, rose, cucumber lemon peel and vitamin C derivative. Help to cleanse and lighten skin colour naturally, leaving the skin looking clean healthy fresh radiant and youthful.

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Hair Conditioning Lotion

Hair Conditioning Lotion: An intensive botanically enriched formulation that revitalizes and conditions the hair and scalp. Conditions split ends, imparts sheen, adds body and leaves the hair soft.

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Skin Brightening Lotion

Skin Brightening Lotion: The formulation promotes a visible improvement in the clarity, texture and tone of the skin. Helps to brighten blemish-prone and freckled skin.

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Greaseless Medicated Cream Soap

Greaseless Medicated Cream Soap:This highly effective face cleansing product, with anti-bacterial action, is specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin. The face cleansing product contains herbal extracts, known for their powerful cleansing and healing properties. Designed to removing impurities and reduce oiliness, this unique face cleansing product restores the normal balances, leaving the skin clear, fresh and pure.

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Moisturising Cream

A moisturizing formula, it is enriched with date, rose distillate and honey. Suited to all skin types, this highly flexible formulation is easily absorbed. Helping to rejuvenate the skin and make it appear soft, moist and youthful.

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An advanced treatment for rejuvenating and sustaining the beauty of the delicate skin around eyes. Antioxidants and amino acids stimulate the process of regeneration of healthy skin cells, strengthening collagen and reducing pigment. Rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, removing dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles. Repairs damaged cells, porcelaining the skin around eyes and regaining its youthful qualities.

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A real concentrate of youth that restores density and smoothness to the skin: thanks to its active molecules, the face quickly recovers a smoother, softer and brighter look. Collagen works in synergy with stem cells to restore compactness and favour the functional integrity of the skin; ceramides render the skin structure more compact, elastin restores tone and elasticity. – Plant stem cells possess unique feature of reproducing themselves without altering their vitality.

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Hair Conditioning Powder: A unique ‘hair food’, helping to condition the hair and remove dandruff flakes. It strengthens the roots and makes hair stronger. it also makes the hair appear soft, clean, healthy and lustrous.

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