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Our offered Product range includes Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils, Cold Rolled Steel Coils, Hot Rolled Steel Coils, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheets and Cold Rolled Steel Sheets.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

Commercial Quality Grades: JIS/KS: SGCC - ASTM: A526, A653-CQ Uses: Racking System, Pipes (Round / Square), Hollow Section Tubes (Square/Rectangular), Roll Forming, Furniture, Kitchen Equipment, Doors, Utensils and vast field in construction and automobiles. Bending Quality Grades: JIS/KS: SGCD1- ASTM: A527, A653-LFQ Uses: All the industries which requires an excellent bending quality lies under this kind of steel & used for Automobiles, construction, furniture, home appliances, lighting equipment, and internal components/ parts of Appliances. Deep Drawing Quality Grades: JIS/KS: SGCD3, 3N - ASTM: A642, A653-DQSK Applications that require excellent formability lies under deep drawing quality GI steel. It is mainly used for air conditioner panels, cleaner covers and automobile parts. Structural Quality Grades: JIS/KS: SGC340, 400, 440, 490 - ASTM: A446-A, B, D, E, F, A653-SQ230, SQ255, SQ275, and SQ340 Structural Grade GI Steel is widely used in construction materials; the quality varies as per yield Strength of the material it is used under products like Purlins, panels, Boxes, Roofing, Structural rooms, sandwich panels, ducting, duct plates etc. Drawing Quality Grades:  JIS/KS: SGCD2 - ASTM: A528, A653-DQ This type is used for applications that need drawing when forming. The major applications are electronic microwave ovens and automobile parts.

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Cold Rolled Steel Coils

There are Four Kind of CR (Cold Rolled Steel Coils)   Commercial Steel ( - JIS : SPCC, SPCD, SPCE - ASTM : A366-91, A619, A620) CR Steel is generally used in the manufacturing of Refrigerator doors and body, drums for different sizes, furniture, automobile parts including (quarters, bodies, pans, houses, roofs, fenders, hoods etc). Structural Steel (ASTM : A611-91A) This Type of Cold Rolled Steel is used for Structures and need special strength For Porcelain Enamellings (JIS : SPP) & (ASTM : A424-TYEP1) For any deep drawing work such as Kitchen utensils, bathtubs, spinning tubs and ordinary home appliances. High Tensile- Strength Steel ( Commercial : CHSP45C/60C - Drawing : CHSP35R/40R/45R Deep Drawing : CHSP35E/40E/45E  - Extra Deep Drawing Quality : CHSP35ES/40ES - TRIP-Type : CHSP60TR/80TR/100TR - Bake Hardening : CHSP28EB-E/35EB/40EB This is further divided in four classes (1)- Commercial (2)- Drawing, (3) - Deep Drawing, (4) - TRIP High Tensile Strength Commercial Cold Rolled Steel is used mostly and commonly in rail levers, automobile seats and parking brakes. For Drawings standard is usually used for Center floors, brackets, major outer panels of automobile and alternatively the TRIP Quality material is also used in automobiles impact bars, doors and bumpers as well.

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Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Hot-Rolled Steel for General Structures General structural steel and welding structural steel are used in the construction of steel structures, bridges, ships and automobiles. JIS : SS330, SS400, SS490, SS540, SM400A, B, C, SM490A, B, C, SM400YA, YB, SM520B, C, SM570 - ASTM : A36, A283, A570 - BS : BS1449 PART1 50/35HR, HS, BS4360 43A, B, C, 50B, C - DIN: DIN17100 ST22, ST33, ST37-2, ST52-3, RST37-2 Hot-Rolled Steel for Gas Cylinders This steel, which have high strength and good formability, is used in high-pressure gas container with less than a 500l inner capacity containing LPG, acetylene and other high-pressure gases. JIS : SG255, 295, 325, 365 ASTM : A455 Steel for cold-rolled steel This steel is used to manufacture cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and electro galvanized and color steel sheet. SAE : SAE1006-1055 Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel This type of steel enhances in both corrosion and atmospheric corrosion resistant properties, adding such special elements as P, Cu, and C, and is used in the manufacturing of containers, special automobiles and construction structures. POSCO : PAWS50 JIS : SPA-H Steel for Casting and Tubing of Oilwell Pipes This type of steel is characterized by a strict quality of high strength, extremely low temperature toughness, excellent weldability and fracture resistance, and is used in drilling and producing in severely cold areas, or for deep sea oilwells. API : 5G-J55, K55, N80, P110 Hot-Rolled Steel for Hull Structures This steel has received approval for its manufacturing process from overseas classification societies. A, B, and D grade products are used in shipbuilding and are excellent in weldability and shock resistance. Classification Society Standards : KR-RA, RB, AB-A, LR-A, B, NK-KA, NV-A Hot-Rolled Steel for Automobile Structural Uses This high-strength steel has a good weldability and is used in automobile frames, members, and wheel disks. POSCO : ATOS55, 60, 80 AUTOBEAM, STAB JIS : SAPH310, 370, 400, 440, SPFH540, 590 ASTM : A715-40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80

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Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheets

Classification/Spec KS D3506 JIS G3302 ASTM 89 95 Commercial Quality SGCC SGCC A526 A653-CQ Lock Forming Quality SGCD1 SGCD1 A527 A653-LFQ Drawing Quality SGCD2 SGCD2 A528 A653-DQ HGI are superior corrosion Resistance. Excellent Work ability Outstanding Paint ability Parameters: Thickness Range:-0.30mm to 3.5 mm Width range for coils:-1000mm to 1500mm Surface Finish:-can be regular spangle, minimize/minimal spangle OR Zero Spangle/Extra Smooth. Coil Weight:-05MT to 09MT Bundle Weight for Sheets:-2MT to 3.5 MT

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Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Due to undergo finishing processes CR coils comes to smooth, attractive surface as well as uniform thickness & flatness more resulting in more suitable metallic coating, painting etc. Specification & Standards: JIS ASTM BRITISH DIN EN JIS G3141 SPCC-SD JIS G3141 SPCCT-SD ASTM A366 (SAE or AISI 1005, 1006, 1008) BS 1449 Cr4 DIN 1623 ST 12 EN 10130 Dc01 JIS G3141 SPCC-SD (Thickness >=0.40mm) ASTM A619 BS 1449 Cr3 DIN 1623 ST 13 EN 10130 DC03 EN 10130 DC04 JIS G3141 SPCEN-SD (Thickness >=0.40mm) ASTM A619 BS 1449 Cr2 DIN 1623 ST 14 EN 10130 DC05 EN 10130 DC06 Parameters: Thickness Range:-0.40mm to 2.5 mm Width range for coils:-1000mm to 1500mm Surface Finish:-Bright Finish, Dull Finish. Edge: - Mill Edge or Slit Edge Oiling:-Heavy oiling, General Oiling, Light Oiling or Un-oiled. Coil Weight:-05MT to 09MT Bundle Weight for Sheets:-2MT to 3.5 MT

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Hot Rolled Steel Sheets

Specification No. Designation Grade Application API 5L GRADE A GRADE B GRADE X 42 upto GRADE X 70 Hot rolled steel in coil for oil and gas line pipe. API 5CT GRADE H40 GRADE J55 GRADE K55 Hot rolled steel for casing and tubing (Full body normalized or seam normalized) AS I594 GRADE HA -1 GRADE HA 200 GRADE HA 250 GRADE HA 300 GRADE HA 350 Hot rolled steel for general structures ASTM A 36 ASTM A 36 Structural Steels ASTM A 252 GRADE 1, 2, 3 Electric resistance welded carbon steel for builed tubes ASTM A 283 GRADE A, B, C, D Low and intermediate tensile strength carbon steel plates, shapes and bars

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