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Air Receivers

Air Receivers



Air receiver tanks not only serve as temporary storage, but they also allow your system to perform more efficiently. Rated to handle up to 800 / 1600 / 3000 CFM with less than 1% pressure drop through the separator.

Because of the immense pressure they contain and their importance to the system, they must be built to be exceptionally durable and strong.

Precision engineered stainless steel coalescing element traps moisture as the compressed air expands inside ASME coded pressure vessel. Moisture separators help reduce the amount of moisture in the blasting system, resulting in a smoother, more even flow of abrasive and reduced contamination of controls.

There are many types of applications requiring air receiver tanks, including improving speed or torque, storage to protect from pressure fluctuations, storage to meter a high flow-rate application into a system, and more.

No matter the use, it’s important to size it to your needs. We can size a tank based on the compressor output, system size and air demand cycles.

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