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Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Industrial Centrifugal Fans


In Centrifugal fans, the speed of air stream entering into the fan is increased by the impeller. Initially the air stream enters fan impeller in an axial direction, but changes its direction by 90° due to centrifugal force and gets discharged in radial direction.

For the conveyance of clean, light or dusty air. The impellers have backward curved blades with an high fluid dynamic efficiency at low noise level. Suitable for all applications with medium-high capacity and medium-high pressure at the same time.


The Industrial Centrifugal fans are widely used in several process plants such as cement, steel, chemical, thermal power etc where air movement is necessary.

Centrifugal fans provide customized solutions to many industries for dust collection, material handling, boiler applications, ventilation, drying & cooling, pollution control, air re-circulation etc. The fan design can be tailor-made to withstand different operating conditions such as low or high temperatures, abrasive dusty materials, acidic fumes, corrosive gases etc.

The type of the fan installed is specific to industrial process. Available in various standard specifications.


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