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Bread Stick (Kaak) Machine

Bread Stick (Kaak) Machine

Bread Stick (Kaak) Machine

  • A fully automated machine used for the production of all sizes of breadsticks.
  • This breadstick machine is fully stainless steel covered with or without sesame tank to distribute sesame on the bread sticks according to the desire output.
  • All the functions of the Breadstick machine are completely controlled by (an Encoder device) that is extremely easy to regulate the length of the breadstick, as you desire or to increase the working speed Along with the high quality components.
  • Production capacity: 170 Kg/hour of bread sticks of all lengths. The machine conserves the quality of the dough, does not pressure by the spiral nor inject, it rather preserves the yeast quality.
  • This dough transformed by the Breadstick Machine into different products according to the kind of form applied to the working head and of different dimensions, according to the select working cycle.
  • High precision stainless steel blade operated by an accurate electro-pneumatic system.
  • A high caliber unit that pours balanced quantity of sesame on the dough. The strip of dough is lodged into a motorized sliding roller ramp that conveys it to the preparing/calibrating rolls where it will be speeded by sesame seeds.
  • Once the breadsticks have been formed, the strips of dough are spread apart thanks to a spring retractor ramp and successively conveyed to the cutting unit.
  • The strips of dough are cut at the desired length; the formed breadsticks are then automatically placed onto the trays.
  • The trays' container, positioned in the rear side of the machine can contain up to 10 trays (fit for the automatic loading) which automatically advance in synchrony one by one at each new row of breadstick formed.
  • All the materials being exposed to the product are fit for the food industry and the machine is fitted with protection and safety cares in respect of the rules in force.

Technical features:

  • Motor Power: 4 motors/3phase/each motor 0.5hp/0.37kw /1A
  • Breadsticks Length: 1cm up to 40 cm.
  • Forming rollers diameter: 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-15 mm
  • Height: 185cm. #Width: 91cm. #Length: 450 cm.
  • Weight: 900 kg.

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