Freelance Logistics Llc

Freelance Logistics Llc

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Air Freight Forwarding

Our Air Freight Forwarding includes custom duties clearance, cargo storage and distributions Services. We will handle supply chain solutions to support the handling and storage of solids, liquid, and gases, including drumming or packing liquids and solids in the right packaging unit. We ensure cargoĆ¢€™s safety as well as designing, building, and operating hubs and platforms to meet growing infrastructure needs in emerging markets. Our facilities are located for ease of reach and equipment access. With flexibility in facility size and type, we are able to select an existing site or set up what you need for optimal proximity.

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Mohammed Baheer

Rasalkhore Industrial Area No. 2, Rasalkore Customs, Dubai, - 252276, United Arab Emirates

Mobile Phone : +971-529111120