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Cnc Machining Centre

Cnc Machining Centre

Technical Data

3 axes cnc machining centre with rotating worktable 0°,90°,180°

- Outer casing with automatic up/down movement of the protection

- Interpolated machining movements for X, Y and Z axes with numerical control

- Pneumatic vices (x4) for piece clamping that can be moved along the work table (manual position locking standard; pneumatic optional)

- Manual tool change with tool-holder deposit.


Y Axis Transversal travel - mm 355

Z Axis Vertical trave - mm 224

Y Axis movement- m/1’ 25

Z Axis movement - m/1’ 13 m/1’ 11

Manual tool replacement time- sec. 17



X Axis Longitudinal travel - mm 2.675 AXIS MOVEMENT X Axis movement

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