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Heavy Duty Air Cooler

Heavy Duty Air Cooler

Air cooler is a device that blows the air with the help of the fan to blow air to reduce temperature and heat sink to reduce the temperature. It cools the air through the evaporation of water. With waters large enthalpy of vaporization heavy duty air cooler works. With more moisture heavy duty air cooler added the benefit of conditioning air in extremely dry climates.

Heavy duty air cooler lowers the temperature of air using the principle of evaporative cooling; it is the addition of water vapor into air which causes the results of lowering the temperature of the air.

Industrial Air Cooler or Heavy duty Air cooler are mainly used in places like factories, warehouses, Garages , construction sites etc. These type of industrial air coolers are not designed to be used in your houses, Villas, restaurants or hotels   due to its large size. Industrial air coolers are not like the commercial air coolers as it can blow much more air and it can cover large areas and that’s why it is the wright choice for warehouse cooling.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Industrial Air Cooler
  • It has more efficient energy
  • They are environmental friendly
  • It can work in dry climates
  • It increases the humidity in the air
  • Its maintenance costs low
  • It has low operating and purchasing cost
  • Uses wet absorption pad as heat sinks


Types of Heavy Duty Cooling Fan

We provide different types of Heavy Duty Cooling Fan that can meet all your needs:

  • High pressure Industrial misting fans
  • Heavy and industrial air coolers
  • Industrial portable Fan
  • Heavy Duty portable cooling fan

During the summer the temperature in the warehouses goes up to 50 C with humidity which hits 90% sometimes, of course labor cannot afford to work and remain active during this type of weather so what the business owners / manager should do to control this issue? Shall they install air conditioning system which will take cost them a lot and even the running cost will increase significantly so what is the best and cheapest solution on this complex situation?  The answer is Industrial Air Cooler or Heavy duty cooling fan, yes this machine has been decided to tackle the high temperature on the open and big places such as warehouses, garages, factories. There are different type of industrial air cooler and the most famous and the best seller machine is our MC-25000, which is having an air flow of 25000 cubic feet per hour, the consumption of power is 1200 watt, which can run of a frequency 220V/50HZ, which can provide you cooling of around 50 Sm area,  it has Axial Fan type, which has 3 speed, slow, medium and faster, there is also swing option who can also give cooling by swing to left and right , the tank capacity is 128 liters, while consumption of water is 12 to 18 liters per hours, it means it can continue work till 6 to 8 hours, then you can refill water or if you want then you can connect it with a direct water hose pipe.

We supply high quality heavy duty air coolers in Dubai, also known as desert cooler and industrial air coolers for outdoor purpose for sale and rent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We have professional services of rental and selling products including the delivery, installation and pickup.

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