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We offer a complete product range of Heavy Duty Air Cooler, Floor Standing Misting Fan, Wall Mounted Misting Fan, Dehumidifier and Portacool cooling machine

Heavy Duty Air Cooler

Air cooler is a device that blows the air with the help of the fan to blow air to reduce temperature and heat sink to reduce the temperature. It cools the air through the evaporation of water. With waters large enthalpy of vaporization heavy duty air cooler works. With more moisture heavy duty air cooler added the benefit of conditioning air in extremely dry climates. Heavy duty air cooler lowers the temperature of air using the principle of evaporative cooling; it is the addition of water vapor into air which causes the results of lowering the temperature of the air. Industrial Air Cooler or Heavy duty Air cooler are mainly used in places like factories, warehouses, Garages , construction sites etc. These type of industrial air coolers are not designed to be used in your houses, Villas, restaurants or hotels   due to its large size. Industrial air coolers are not like the commercial air coolers as it can blow much more air and it can cover large areas and that’s why it is the wright choice for warehouse cooling. Benefits of Heavy Duty Industrial Air Cooler It has more efficient energy They are environmental friendly It can work in dry climates It increases the humidity in the air Its maintenance costs low It has low operating and purchasing cost Uses wet absorption pad as heat sinks   Types of Heavy Duty Cooling Fan We provide different types of Heavy Duty Cooling Fan that can meet all your needs: High pressure Industrial misting fans Heavy and industrial air coolers Industrial portable Fan Heavy Duty portable cooling fan During the summer the temperature in the warehouses goes up to 50 C with humidity which hits 90% sometimes, of course labor cannot afford to work and remain active during this type of weather so what the business owners / manager should do to control this issue? Shall they install air conditioning system which will take cost them a lot and even the running cost will increase significantly so what is the best and cheapest solution on this complex situation?  The answer is Industrial Air Cooler or Heavy duty cooling fan, yes this machine has been decided to tackle the high temperature on the open and big places such as warehouses, garages, factories. There are different type of industrial air cooler and the most famous and the best seller machine is our MC-25000, which is having an air flow of 25000 cubic feet per hour, the consumption of power is 1200 watt, which can run of a frequency 220V/50HZ, which can provide you cooling of around 50 Sm area,   it has Axial Fan type, which has 3 speed, slow, medium and faster, there is also swing option who can also give cooling by swing to left and right , the tank capacity is 128 liters, while consumption of water is 12 to 18 liters per hours, it means it can continue work till 6 to 8 hours, then you can refill water or if you want then you can connect it with a direct water hose pipe. We supply high quality heavy duty air coolers in Dubai, also known as desert cooler and industrial air coolers for outdoor purpose for sale and rent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We have professional services of rental and selling products including the delivery, installation and pickup.

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Floor Standing Misting Fan

Any type of Floor Standing  Misting Fan in Dubai can be very helpful to prevent heatstroke at the places where the temperature is usually too high, such as metalworking factory or workshop, mechanical factory, textile factory etc. or can be any place where the temperature rises beyond the limits of tolerance level. We are the leading providers of Floor Standing Misting Fan Dubai. Features : no high pressure fog fast – using the latest centrifugal secondary atomization design technology, effectively ensuring the occurrence of fog particles and Mist effect. no nozzle no clogging – both effective and completely anti-clogging, while Eliminating the maintenance of the complex, just need to gently open the switch to use. The maximum power, continuous use of about 5 hours only consume 1 kWh, both are energy saving and environmental protection.

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Wall Mounted Misting Fan

A misting fan can cool the area, and if it is placed on the wall, this can blow more cool air and a fine mist sprayed over its operational zone, the function in a simple, a powerful pump blow the water through mist to the end user by getting air in the cool shape of misting. The Wall Mounted  Misting Fan  can be used for commercial and residential basis The Industrial Fan ca cool an area with a powerful sprayer misting system. That units allow the end user to adjust the misting sprayer volume, it can be also used as a normal fan. Such types of Industrial Misting Fans come with 3-speed motor and 90o oscillation

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Dehumidifier is being used in various places to reduce and control the level of humidity in the air to eliminate musty odor and for comfort of some sort of health issue as well. There are some portable dehumidifier with are being used for humidity reducer by collecting water from humidity area, the system collect the water or moisture from the surrounding humidity atmosphere and it through the water in a bucket to feel comfort from the humidity . There are many dehumidifiers which can collect the water from humidity, the water can be emptied by manually throwing the water, although the water from dehumidifier is treating as grey water which is good for plants but not suitable for Drinking. The water from dehumidifier may contain metallic parts, which can be quite dangerous for drinking Food Grade Dehumidifiers, are made to avoid toxic metal contamination and to keep the water contact surfaces cleans Basement Type Dehumidifiers, which are the best type of Dehumidifier , generally used to remove a large amount of moisture and removing excess humidty in a short time. A large type of Dehumidifier may be able to remove up to 75 Pints of moisture from humidity, those are also effective to operate in different level of humidity without making heavier noise

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Portacool cooling machine

A USA brand company which has a lot of the cooling products, very much famous due to its long life warranty of body and machine, having many types of the cooling machine like Cyclon 1000, 2000 and 3000. Portacool has specific products for the different location, worldwide distributors are available,

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industrial fan

CoolMaster Heavy Duty  Pedestal Fans  Are Used For Commercial, Industrial Fan, And Agricultural Applications. We have the large range of Industrial Fan Dubai. CoolMaster Heavy Duty Industrial Fans are solidly manufactured of all-metal construction with rust-resistant powder coat finish for long lasting durability and dependability. Heavy duty 3-speed thermally protected motors. Adjustable fan height. Fan head tilts 90°. compliant grille. Available in 20, 26-inch diameter model with a 6-foot power cord or heavier duty 30-inch diameter model with 9-foot power cord. Easy to assemble with household tools. You can also get the Outdoor AC on Rent from us, we are the best Outdoor Air Cooler Rental in Dubai.

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Exhaust Fan

A Powerful machine which commonly uses for throwing away unwanted air (bad of good) call  Exhaust Fan . The function of the exhaust fan is simple, it can suck dirt and blow hot air away. This also known as ventilation system for unwanted (hot and contaminated) air and dust carry off. There are 2 friendly usage of exhaust fan i.e heat and moisture removal.

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Electric Heaters

Electric heaters have been around for decades as a source of heat in homes to provide warmth to us. One of the reason for their popularity is because of lower cost to purchase and easy maintenance compared to other sources of heat. They are usually powered by electricity though a small percentage are still using propane or kerosene as fuel. They work by converting electricity into heat using metals as heating elements. The metals have high resistance that permit a certain amount of current to flow through them to provide the required heat. Electrical energy is changed into heat energy and the relationship between the wattage and Btu/hr. is: The advantages of using electric heaters are: Initial Low-Cost Investment. The units are usually lower in cost compared to other types of heating sources. Clean Operation. There isn’t any need for refrigerant or oxygen, hence the operation is neat and clean. No Toxic Gases. Since no combustion is needed, there is no danger of toxic gases that may leak in the event of faulty units. No chimney is needed unlike the traditional coal or wood source of heating. Smaller in Size. They take smaller space compared to other systems. Ease of Control. Individual unit temperature can be controlled more precisely using the thermostat mounted on the unit. Ozone Friendly. Since no refrigerant is involved, this type of heat source is more ozone friendly.

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Outdoor Gas Heater

Cooler & Heaters Outdoor Gas Heater offer the ideal solution for extending the reason for outdoor entertaining while creating a stylish and attractive ambiance . the range offers high-quality features for use in commercial or domestic areas. Our patio heaters are not only attractive, stylish and easy to maintain, they are also robustly constructed, safe and simple to use. All products have anti-drip control.

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Evaporative Cooling Machines

Mission : In every hot or summer season, people need to have the best cooling solution that can help elimination of the hot weather quickly, they want to feel cool and comfortable in hot weather especially for outdoor activities. Here you know the details of  evaporative cooling machines Dubai . Evaporative Air Cooler : Evaporative cooling is an easy, cost-effective way of cooling indoor space. An  evaporative cooling machines Dubai  or desert cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. A perfect home and outdoors user of Summer, lights in weight, very easy to carry and portable, very less in consumption of Electricity and water instead of air conditioning system Air cooling than other cooling methods have many significant advantages : You can use it outdoor Low power consumption comparing air conditioner Most of Air coolers designed in Mobile type, to easily move the machine to desired position. The cold wind effect can only be exhibited in the breeze mode and the effect of cooling takes a long time. You can put the ice and ice water cooling effect will be better, if you want to lower the temperature of the water tank will be replaced with ice water or ice. Method of Evaporative Cooler Dubai Evaporative Coolers in Dubai the cool air through its cooling pad, its work with temperature difference between the surface of the cooling pad and air. Once the hot air of the place through by air to the refrigeration tube, it makes the outside temperature as reduce by 4 to 5 percent less then room temperature, when the surface temperature of the cooler is lower than the dew point temperature of the air to be treated, water vapor in the air is condensed to achieve cooling. Usage The  evaporative cooling machines  has a wide range of applications in all the industries, specially outdoor and indoor area. Just because of the evaporative system, you can make your outdoor party area cooler so that your guest can feel comfortable. You can make your employees feel more comfortable if they are working in Factories, Ware Houses, and Garages. Conventional air conditioners do the job by recirculating air from inside the home and so get the job done best with each door and window closed. To offer your house, or business, with the optimal cooling an Evaporative Cooler can supply the unit needs to be installed correctly. Purchasing an evaporative cooler can make a big difference on earth, particularly during that extremely hot summertime. Introductions MC 25000 Air cooler, the best and cheap and easy to accommodate in Factories, Garages, Ware House and for industrial usage : MC 9000 Air cooler, the best sell all over UAE, . The one and only Evaporative cooler who proved itself as the best performer in Outdoor events, specially in wedding, birthday parties, Majlis and Garden area MC 8500 Air cooler, the Queen of Garden, very famous by its highly efficient performance and quality look, the machine has high pressure motors and pump, CM8500 is not just fashionable but practically MC 7000 Air cooler, A small Patio with cool look and attribute. Performed very well even in your small garden and inside the room. Such types of little and medium cooler which has tendency to remain cooling longer than large ones

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Air conditioner

Everyone knows that in GCC summer season is always very hot and sandy. Now a days the scattered clouds are bringing respite from the sweltering sun and a hazy start of the day, on daily basis the temperature is likely to rise from 35C to 45C from the morning to noon with a high humidity ratio. This is really an unbearable level and in this scenario, we all know that Comfortable living environment leads to the demand of using air-conditioning system in hot and humid climate because air conditioner  actually performs two basic functions on same time Just because of the hot season, most of the companies are worried about the events that how they will maintain the comfortability of the party. We offer you a best and easiest way to be cool and chill in summer season as we know the air conditioning cooling process. We accommodate different types of Air Conditioner on Sales and Rental Basis with very reasonable prices with the dedication of good and quality service   We also help our valued customers to provide them the best suggestion about their home, factories, Work Place and other area offer as per their exact requirement and choice.   Cooler & Heater mainly provides air conditioning services for exhibitions, auto show, foundation laying ceremony, wedding, Birthdays, Majlis, festivals, tents, exhibition hall, booth, temporary offices, special meeting venues, companies, training courses, lounges, recreation areas Conference phone, Ware House, Office, Café, Restaurant and Hotels. We have various type of Air conditioner as per the choice and requirement of the client. Free Stand able Air Conditioners Portable Air Conditioners Split Type Air Conditioners Windows Type Air Conditioners   Suitable for Office, plants, school’s classroom, restaurants, Ware House, chain convenience stores, and a variety of different commercial business space.  

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Misting Cannon Fan

Volt&Power:  220-240VAC 50/60Hz 210-350Watt Control:  Remote Control (3 fan speed, mist system and fan osc) Mist system:  Centrifugal mode, Adjustable by water valve Water tank:  60L unbreakable plastic tank Misting time:  12 hours continuance Available area:  50 sqm area and 12m available distance Drop size:  20μm Mist effect:  Reduce temperatures:: 4 – 8 deg Fan size:  20”(500mm) stand type, 1.50m height Adjustable:  3 speeds, 90 degrees oscillation automatically Airflow:  6000-9000 cbm/hour, 52-68dB Material:  Metal grill and body Fan blade:  Metal Tilt of motor:  30 degrees adjustable up and down

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Model Numbers ASGA18FUTA/AOGA18FUTA – 18000 BTU (1.5 Ton) ASGA24FUTA/AOGA24FUTA – 24000 BTU (2.0 Ton) ASGA30FETA/AOGA30FETA – 30000 BTU (2.5 Ton) ASGA36FETA/AOGA36FETA – 36000 BTU (3.0 Ton)

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o general window air conditioner

Model Numbers AXGS18APTH – 18000 BTU (1.5 Ton) AXGS24ABTH – 24000 BTU (2.0 Ton

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