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Our offered Product range includes ZIPPY ZOO, MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY, BALL ZOO, Adcetris and BRILLIANCE.


  • Dimensions 6' x 30'' x 7'

Zippy Zoo was the fourth ball machine to be installed in a U.S Children’s Hospital, originally installed in 1996. It contains many devices that are themed around whimsical animals for the children and parents to watch. There is a cat and a monkey pendulum switch that will swing back and forth as the ball passes through them, making their eyes jiggle as well. There is an Ostrich form with a counterbalance that rocks back and forth as balls enter and leave it’s mouth. The Fish Hammer Chime appears to be a fish head swallowing and then disgorging the ball. There are many other devices all based around an animal theme, however there is also a specially designed turtle that opens it’s mouth when balls roll up to it, swallows the balls causing the legs to move and then exits the turtle and spills back onto the track. This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.

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  • Dimensions 3' x 5' x 10"

Midnight Odyssey is a unique rendition of our New Limited Edition Ball Machines series. It features a modified color palette that blends matte, gloss and metallic finishes. This piece is numbered 1 of 1 and closely related to Summer Fantasy and Winter Fantasy. The sculpture is numbered, signed, and dated by the artist, George Rhoads. The piece includes 3 Randomizing Pendulums, a Hammer Chime, 2 Bounce & Catches, and 2 Hammer Bells.

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  • Dimensions 4' x 4' x 6.5'

Ball Zoo is a playful ball machine sculpture filled with a menagerie of cartoon animals. The sculpture has three tracks and almost twenty devices that bring the zoo alive through movement and sound. The freestanding sculpture allows viewers to enjoy the ball machine from every angle. The ball machine includes polka dot and striped fish swimming among speckled green frogs. Balls zoom along the white track clanking into a series of cheerful sound-producing elements like a Rod Chime Row, Rapid Hit Bell, and a Hammer Xylophone and Chime. The sculpture has a colorful Worm dumper and a wire Go-through Chicken and Turtle. The rosy red frame pops against the room’s neutral color palette. This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.

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  • Dimensions 12' x 8' x 6'

While teaching people in an entertaining way is what we always try and do, telling a “story” in sequence was a new challenge for us—especially when the story educates doctors about the unusual way in which a type of drug goes to work inside a patient’s body! This machine was inspired by the creation of an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) medicine that helps patients with cancer. ADCs work differently than other therapies do. This machine was an attention-getting way to attract doctors to the company’s booth to learn about the journey of the ADC through the bloodstream, its binding with a cell-surface receptor, and how it enters the cell to attack the cancer. The machine will be displayed at other medical conferences in the future.

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  • Dimensions 5' x 5' x 5' typical - six total
  • Materials stainless steel, LEDs, electronics, touch sensor

A family of six sculptures placed throughout the plaza between the Palo Alto Main Library and Arts Center. The evolving series increases in complexity and expresses growth through a sequence. The sculptures are made up of multi-lingual phrases collected from the community, cut out of steel and welded together in three-dimensional lantern-like forms.

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  • Dimensions 14' dia x 42' long
  • Materials stainless steel, LED lighting

Cocoon is an engaging, illuminated sculpture that you can walk through and feel yourself transformed by the experience. Our primary goal is to express a sense of rebirth and transformation. Set along a bikepedestrian path in an open landscape at the edge of town, Cocoon offers a sense of enclosure and release as you pass through it. At night, colored light transforms the inside of the cocoon into a shadow theater where people can see themselves projected onto the surface of the sculpture and its surroundings.

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  • Dimensions 12' x 12' x 22'
  • Materials powder coated steel, bicycle parts, acrylic, LED lighting, solar panel

Blessing and Joe led a group of high school students to create an exuberant monument to cycling culture on the edge of downtown Tucson. Bike Church is a walk-in metal sculpture made from recycled bike parts arranged into geometric forms that borrow from the religious iconography of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Native American faiths. ‘Stained glass’ windows cast colors onto the white structure while solar lights illuminate the building at night. Bike chimes hang like organ pipes and give the sculpture an interactive twist, as visitors can play the chimes and fill the surrounding area with sound. Two shrines allow visitors to contribute to the sculpture, as they can place pictures or other mementos at the memorial.

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  • Dimensions 7' x 3' x 9'
  • Materials stainless steel, visitor controlled LED lighting, custom optics

Piole Kabuto is is an abstract interactive sculpture made from polished stainless steel. It is made from many curved scales that fit together in a way reminiscent of the roof tiles at Himeji Castle, a UNESCO world heritage site nearby. The effect is to marry the modern materials and clean aesthetic of the piole shopping center with forms and construction methods used in Himeji Castle. It is contemporary in its use of materials and technology but references Kabuto (Samurai helmets) and the Kuwagata beetle that inspired these helmets. The shape of the sculpture invites visitors to sit on it or lift their children for photographs and the shape alludes to the well-known V-sign that tourists are fond of making in photographs. At night visitors can control the color of two optical projectors that cast sharp shadows of them sitting on the sculpture onto the large white walls of the mall where they are visible from Himeji Castle, one mile distant.

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  • Dimensions 120' x 16' x 4'
  • Materials CNC-formed clear acrylic - 1/4" thick

Small Talk About the Weather is a touchstone for the communal sharing of life’s experiences. The weather in Oklahoma City ties residents together and the spectacular extremes of the local climate and its ever-presence are made visible and interactive in this sculpture. The sculpture consists of graceful organic geometries that flow and swirl along the length of the pedestrian corridor ceiling. It features a sensor that enables people to control the lighting by waving their hands or playing a video on their cellphone. When used as a gesture controller, people have the experience of waving their hands and feeling like they are controlling the wind. When they hold up their cellphone to the sensor, the entire ceiling turns into a low resolution screen that reproduces the colors and motion they see on their screen.

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  • Dimensions 10' x 10' x 12'
  • Materials aluminized mylar, steel, vacuum pumps, popcorn, photovoltaic panel, solar powered motor

Seed [pop!] is an interactive sculpture that uses sunlight to make popcorn atop a 10-foot tower. The popper is heated using three vacuum-controlled, four-foot diameter circular reflectors fabricated from aluminized mylar. It was commissioned for the 2010 Solar Decathlon.

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  • Dimensions 5’ diameter
  • Materials powder coated steel, LED lighting

Stories Interweave was inspired by the variety and diversity of languages spoken in Aurora with the goal of celebrating the connections between these groups through language. We gathered phrases and stories from the local population and combined them to create a two-dimensional ‘word cloud’ pattern and to connect these groups in one piece that represents Aurora’s population. The skin of each sculpture is made up of different languages cut into steel and welded together to create three-dimensional lantern-like forms intermixing languages and stories. Words typically tell stories when arranged in phrases and sentences, and the shapes of these sculptures will add additional narrative meaning to the phrases. Therefore, the piece will invite the viewer to visually move through the swarm of words and create new phrases or connections with each visit. During the day and night, intense point source LED lighting will cast intricate colored shadows around the hanging sculptures. During the day, the lighting will project into shadowed areas and at night it will project largely against the ceiling. The lighting automatically cycles through different colors over time. The colored shadows encourage visitors to move and pose within the colorful projections.

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  • Dimensions 20' x 2' x 9'

Incrediball Circus II is a playful ball machine sculpture with a circus theme created for a children’s hospital in Ohio. This sculpture becomes a lighthearted diversion for adults and children facing difficult situations. Approximately forty balls run through a maze of track spinning and twirling through Helices, Dips, a Bounce & Catch, a Vee-Bounce, and a Triple Loop. Colorful shapes and painted clowns intermix with musical elements like Hammer chimes, Xylophone bars, Gongs, Bells, and Wood Blocks. The sculpture even includes a separate Triple Chaos Pendulum activated by its own 2 12 “ inch steel ball. This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.

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  • Dimensions 28' dia x 15' H
  • Materials steel, acrylic, LED lighting, electronics, touch sensors

Chinook Arc is an interactive, illuminated sculpture that reflects our impressions of the Beltline neighborhood as a well defined, confident and vibrant community. The form draws inspiration from the historic Beltline Streetcar loop that once encircled the neighborhood, as well as the Chinook arch phenomenon that periodically blankets the sky. These two identifying boundaries inspired the crisp edges and rounded curves seen in the work. The enclosed space within the sculpture frames the sky and becomes an immersive color environment in the evening. Visitors to Chinook Arc have complete control over the lighting through an optical sensor that projects the movements and colors it sees onto the sculpture. Visitors can wave their hands, move colored objects or play a movie on their cell phones in order to create their own light sequences. Upon the completion of Chinook Arc, there was an opening event for Barb Scott Memorial Park that also celebrated the sculpture. We have written a blog post that includes more information and photographs that were taken at the event. That blog post can be found at here or in the ‘News’ section of our website.

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  • Dimensions 10'' x 10''
  • Materials stainless steel

Lithoglyphs is a series of 200 playful stainless steel inlays set into the concrete floor of the new Institute for the Environment at the University of Arizona. The inlays were developed by abstracting from regional icons and imagery with the goal of capturing Tucson’s unique ecology. Many of the inlays are very recognizable depicting a hiker, bobcat, javelina, mountain lion, and map of Arizona. Lithoglyphs represents a new way to engage the public as the project explores marrying art, science, and nature. The artwork was a collaborative effort between Creative Machines and the University of Arizona. Specific inlays were sponsored by donors, and we worked with faculty and staff member to brainstorm and pick the designs. The resulting inlays animate the pathway and courtyard, but also reflect the variety of interests and research of departments housed within the building.

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  • Dimensions (6) 48" diameter
  • Materials recycled bicycle parts, structural steel, custom LED fixtures and controller

Ballroom Luminoso is a series of six brilliantly lit, color changing chandeliers. Drawing from the formal elegance of the freeway underpass and the cultural currents of the surrounding neighborhoods, the piece transforms a forgotten space into one that connects the community. Each globe contains a custom-designed LED light fixture, which casts sharply detailed shadows. The chandeliers paint the underpass with complex color patterns and ethereal lighting refashioning the space into a majestic ballroom-cum-shadow theater. Melding grandeur with a sense of neighborhood rejuvenation, the sculptures weld recycled bike parts into refined forms. Ballroom Luminoso references the area’s past, present, and future in the design of its intricately detailed medallions. The images in the medallions draw on the community’s agricultural history, strong Hispanic heritage, and burgeoning environmental movement. The medallions are a play on the iconography of La Loteria, which has become a touchstone of Hispanic culture.

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  • Dimensions 14.5' x 9' x 3'

Calliope Borealic was inspired by its location in Anchorage, Alaska. The sculpture contains houses and mining carts that reference the nearby Kennecott Mine, which was one of the biggest copper mines in Alaska, but closed in 1938 and became a popular ghost town. Within the tracks, visitors will see a white “Nodding” Polar Bear that reflects the local wildlife. The ball machine contains four different tracks, and visitors are able to interact with the sculpture by retrieving balls and moving them to six different locations. People can also turn a knob and release balls into the Loop-the-Loop. Inside the machine as devices such as a Rock Back, Chaos Wheel, Dumper, and musical elements like a xylophone bar and bells. On top of the ball machine is a 6 foot tall moire wheel.

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  • Overall Dimension 13' x 9 x 46'

Chockablock Clock is a forty-six foot tower in which numerous billiard balls run through a maze that is several hundred feet long, activating a series of sound and motion devices: Chimes, Xylo Bars, Bells, Wood Blocks, Drums, Helices, a Bounce & Catch and many more. Unique to this device, there is an entire clock striking mechanism that chimes on the hour releasing a cuckoo that then activates the four large motor-driven Rotating Shapes at the top. This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.

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  • Dimensions 8' x 8' x 27'

Archimedean Excogitation is a dynamic ball machine sculpture exploring the theme of “a new way of seeing.” The sculpture uses visual and kinetic elements to explore how we see and offers new ways of looking at the world. This machine includes nearly thirty moving or sound-producing devices with two different ball sizes featuring billiard balls in the bottom section and small bowling balls in the top. Rising nearly thirty feet into the air, viewers enjoy the sculpture from the ground as balls and devices dance in front of them and over their heads. People on the nearby stair landing and balcony can also experience a unique view of the top section’s constellation of moving shapes spinning and twirling around the machine. This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.

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  • Dimensions 6' dia - 5 total
  • Materials powder coated aluminum, acrylic, LED lighting, touch sensitive electronics

SeedPods are interactive public art pieces currently under construction for The Woodlands, TX. The sculptures are inspired by plant and animal life forms. Visitors interact with the sculptures through a touch sensitive lighting design. A total of five sculptures surround the Tinsletown intersection.

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  • Materials stainless steel, electronics, LED lighting

The Four Seasons is Abu Dhabi’s newest and most exciting luxury hotel. Set on Abu Dhabi’s waterfront in a dynamic and walkable urban environment, the hotel also features our latest sculpture series As Above, So Below. The five pointed star is decorated with what appears to be a straightforward floral arabesque inspired by islamic calligraphy. But, the ‘vines’ are created using conic sections – ellipses, parabolas and spirals – the sort of pathways that stars and other bodies in space would take when guided only by gravity and their own inertia. They are also the pathways taken by subatomic particles after collisions. The title for the sculptures As Above, So Below suggests that not only do the same laws of nature apply on the scale of the universe as well as on earth, but that there is an aesthetic similarity between the motions of heavenly bodies and plant forms on earth. At night hundreds of tiny point source lights inside the sculptures project these calligraphic patterns onto nearby objects and visitors to the hotel.

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  • Dimensions 13' x 9' x 25'
  • Materials steel, acrylic, LED lighting, electronics

The sculpture Latent Energy depicts a portion of a hydrocarbon molecule transitioning from its liquid to its solid form. This transition is characterized by the release of energy and an expansion in volume. This is the phase transition that Fred Pirkle used in much of his work. Metaphorically speaking, the sculpture also imagines students developing more structure through education. The ‘phase transition’ that occurs in students as they reach a more solid state is also accompanied by a release of energy as they mature. The large spheres in Latent Energy correspond to carbon atoms. The small spheres correspond to hydrogen atoms. The two small molecules on the lawn are both methane, the smallest hydrocarbon molecule, each with one carbon atom. The tall structure shows a portion of a longer hydrocarbon molecule moving from a liquid to a solid form. The solid form is characterized by a linear chain of carbon atoms, each of which has two hydrogen atoms attached to it. The sculpture is located in front of the Fred Pirkle Engineering & Technology Center at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX.

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  • Dimensions various sizes, 4 sculptures total
  • Materials acrylic, stainless steel, LEDs, electronics, push button

Twilight Garden is a series of four illuminated translucent sculptures located in Morris Plaza. The sculptures are human scale and their shapes encourage interaction inviting people to touch, lean on, sit on, look through and gather around the sculptures. During the day, the acrylic picks up sunlight and glows softly. Each piece is translucent allowing light and shadows to show through the volumes. At night, intensely colored LEDs inside each sculpture make it glow brightly. Each sculpture has a waterproof pushbutton that allows visitors to adjust the color of the lighting. With complete control over each sculpture, visitors are empowered to establish the look and mood of the Plaza during the evening. Twilight Garden has been placed near a very popular Valley Metro Rail Stop within the Morris Plaza, where people of all ages can enjoy the sculptures at any time of day.

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  • Dimensions West Bound Stop: 11'8"x7'3"x17'5" East Bound Stop: 31'2"x12'6"x17'10"
  • Materials steel, acrylic, LED's, electronics, touch sensor

Wandering Stars is a colorful, chaotic ‘swarm’ of elements that invite interactivity and celebration at one of the Modern Streetcar stops in Tucson. The piece is composed of two bands of stars flanking on the east and west sides of the streetcar stop. A ‘flock’ of triangular forms are frozen in motion and work together through touch sensitive design components. Each triangle is influenced by those adjoining it, creating a vibrant ‘flow’ of color and light patterns throughout the work.

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