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Our offered Product range includes Automatic Swing Door, Vertical Bi-Folding System Door and Window System, Frameless Movable Glass System, Demountable Partitioning System and Aumuller Chain drive.

Automatic Swing Door

Automatic closing is desirable with fire and smoke protection doors. However, a closed door always represents an obstruction. Nevertheless, convenience and accessibility can only be ensured if the door is easy to open. Automatic swing-door drives from the GU Group ensure secure closure yet allow convenient access via the radar motion sensor, push-button or access control system. Entrance doors in the facade can also make use of the benefits of the swing-door drive: when combined with multi-point locking, burglar protection and escape route safety are equally possible as well as ensuring accessibility.

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Vertical Bi-Folding System Door and Window System

The patented, hydraulically-operated 50/50 Door and Window System combines the best features from our SST-II Bi-Fold and Single-Swing Systems. The 50/50 provides an incredibly clean opening, requires minimal space in the open position and requires no maintenance, making it perfectly suited for architectural, commercial and residential designs.

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Frameless Movable Glass System

The frameless glass wall system consists of independent glass panels that can be slid away, round any angle, allowing for complete opening, with the panels concertained at one or both ends. The glass panels are hardened, notably increasing their mechanical characteristics (flexion, compression, impact resistance). Furthermore, in the event of breakage the glass shatters into small pieces, avoiding the risk of serious injuries. ESPO Frameless Glass Walls can be used : To extend the use of exterior spaces, for pool enclosures, rooftops, pergolas, balconies, winter gardens, etc. To enclose open spaces such as porches, sun lounges, balconies, terraces, galleries, etc. To divide interiors without reducing the visual space, in the salons of hotel and restaurant, to separate sales or office areas in car showrooms, set aside areas in public spaces for smokers, etc.

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Demountable Partitioning System

All of our partitioning systems are demountable, and designed to integrate in a way that ensures optimum performance and visual appeal. The partitioning ranges share common design components, such as 27mm aluminium profile tracks, each retained by our unique pressure-fixed PVC gaskets. This ensures the highest acoustic performance and increases glass stability. We supply standard head tracks as standard. However, to protect interior fittings, we always recommend using deflection heads. These allow for building movement and make it easier to relocate your partitioning. If required, we can also design and manufacture bespoke deflection heads that allow up to ±40mm movement. We rigorously test the impact and acoustic performance of our systems regularly, at accredited test centres, and all our partitioning products are UKAS certified.

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Aumuller Chain drive

Chain drives from AUMÜLLER have a slim and attractive, robust aluminium housing, which encloses the microprocessor-controlled electronics, the motor gearbox unit and the chain box. The stainless steel chains are of a basically “rigid-back” design. It caves on in itself in one direction to retract into the housing. In the other direction, the so-called “rigid-back position”, they can be subjected to pressure when extending. The pressure forces depend on the size and shape of the chain links and the stroke length. Chain drives therefore generally have different pulling and pushing forces. Drives with long strokes are used mainly for tensile loads. The integrated microprocessor regulates the drive force by means of a electronic positioning encoder in relation to the stroke length. The soft-start and soft-stop both protect the window drive against overload, and the opening casement as well as the attachment elements against premature wear. The synchronous operation of several window drives are possible, as well as various customer- and object-specific configurations. When installing at the main closing edge, the chain describes a chord to the arch of the sash during the opening process. The casement height therefore depends on the profile geometry, the opening direction and the stroke. Rigid-backed sidebow roller chains are used to open casements of low heights as wide as possible. Chain drives without sidebow chains are swivel-mounted at the brackets. For installation at the side closing edge of bottom-hung windows, the chain drives are mounted to the chain outlet like a drawbridge.

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AUMULLER spindle drives

AUMÜLLER spindle drives have attractive, round or rectangular continuous aluminium housings with end caps of aluminium or plastic. The housing length is determined by the type-dependent fixed, basic construction length, which is in turn specified by the microprocessor-controlled electronics and the motor-gear unit, as well as the variable, stroke dependent length of the spindle housing. The ball bearing spindles with end position damping are made of high-quality stainless steel or phosphated steel. The opening mechanisms consist of spindle tubes made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium. The spindle tubes are provided as standard with fixed or replaceable eye-bolts for swivelling mounting to various casement brackets. It is possible to mount the spindle drives either via adjustable clamping rings or sliding elements on the housing tube, eye-bolts or clevis brackets in the rear of the housing bottom. The user-friendly, adjustable fixing to the housing tube affords the required stability even with long strokes under the effects of side load forces. Integrated microprocessors regulate the soft start and soft stop, as well as the stroke lengths, speeds or forces. This both protects the drive against overload as well as the window and the attachment elements against premature wear. The synchronous running of several drives and various customer- and object-specific configurations are also possible without any problem. If the drive is installed at the main closing edge, the slim drive housing of the spindle drives protrudes a long way into the room, and requires a relatively large swivelling range. The rigid spindle tube describes a chord with the arch to the upper edge of casement while opening. Spindle drives are therefore used principally for outward-opening windows. The complete drive force is transmitted to the window. The time for opening depends on the load, the stroke length and the speed. Larger opening widths can be achieved by mounting of the spindle drives at the side closing edge. As an alternative, spindle drives combined with hardware sets can be installed at an acute angle force application to the window frame. Although this transmits part of the drive force into the window hinges, significantly wider opening angles can thereby be achieved with shorter strokes. This requires a free installation width at the window frame of at least 40 mm.

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Security curved sliding door

The complete security package: The security curved sliding door Banks, in particular, require access control systems to be installed in areas where security is especially important. Access to these areas must be meticulously controlled. The GSI security curved sliding door is perfect for such applications in terms of monitoring access by individuals. Only one person is granted access to the intermediate area at a time. Once the person enters the circular compartment, one of the doors leaves closes. The person will only be able to pass through the second leaf once they have been identified as an authorized individual. In order to allow easy identification of the person who has entered the security compartment, the doors feature a large amount of glass. The roof of the circular compartment is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use as well.

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glass sliding walls Automatic

The automatic all-glass sliding panel system shopMaster GSW-A offers a wide variety of design options for architects and planners as well as maximum convenience for operators or users. The system's compact design requires only minimal space for the roller track and parking niche. The modules are equipped with state-of-the-art carriage technology with plastic-coated, ball bearing-supported rollers. These guarantee permanently reliable operation and noiseless movement of the elements. Thanks to the small roller track installation height of 86.5 mm, installation flush with the ceiling is possible almost everywhere. The required floor guide provides additional stability and utmost convenience to the user. For safety reasons, the automatic all-glass sliding panels can be moved by hand in the event of a power failure.

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Aluminium Folding Doors

Aluminium ESPAI Bi-Folding Doors and Systems are an effective way to maximize the available space in residential or commercial properties, while maintaining aesthetic appeal by creating a stunning space with brilliant transparency. ESPAI system allows you to bring the outdoors in while providing resistance to undesirable weather conditions. Countless options are available to create large living or functional spaces that seamlessly transition outdoors to indoors. COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS : Hotels | Resorts | Restaurants | Sports VenuesMalls | Casinos | Spas | Banquet Halls | BanksOffices | Wineries | Airports RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS : Patios | Balconies | Exercise Rooms | Sunrooms

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Hydraulically Operated Bi Folding System

The Only Hydraulically-Operated Bi-Fold System Available Today! The patented SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Folding System opens vertically, allowing smooth, quiet access between environments with just the press of a button. By incorporating the SST-II Bi-Folding door or window System, the barrier between interior and exterior vanishes and the ambience of the outdoors is allowed to flow in. Design the SST-II into your interior spaces and watch walls disappear, allowing light and motion to easily move throughout.

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All glass sliding walls manual

The shopMaster GSW-M all-glass sliding partition enables the creation of a multitude of individual partition walls and shop fronts for shop-in-shop concepts. Solutions can be implemented for practically any floor plan, giving completely free reign to the creativity of the planners. Depending on the equipment, the all-glass sliding panel system is available with a linear, curved or segmented design. The units can be arranged in a variety of ways – a floor guide is not needed. The system's compact design requires only minimal space for the roller track and parking niche. The use of Swing&Slide panels equipped with a door closer is just one way of providing variable passages. The running mechanisms are equipped with high-quality, ball-bearing-supported rollers and guarantee permanently reliable operation and smooth movement of the elements during opening and closing. In the event of the glass breaking, the clamping profiles are protected from falling out by special door hardware.

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Standard Revolving door

Standard revolving doors ensure building entrances are functional, draught-excluding and soundproof. The flexible design and multitude of options allow for individual solutions varying in function, appearance and size. The standard revolving door can be operated manually, semi-automatically by activating the Push&Go function or automatically by activating the radar sensors, as required. The drum walls may be designed with glass but also with heat insulated panels of sheet metal. Regardless of the option chosen, user safety is always the top priority. The semi-automatic and automatic revolving door are type-tested by TÜV to DIN 18650 and EN 16005 and comply with the current standards and regulations

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Retractable Aluminum Roof

We have the right retractable roof skylight system for every need, which can either have a fixed or movable design depending on the application. The system is highly engineered and can be fully motorized for total convenience or manually operated. Aluminium Retractable roof skylights are completely watertight and airtight and provide a high degree of insulation against the elements, ensuring optimal energy use. The high-quality design of the profiles that make up the system ensures that they are also lightweight.

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AUMULLER window drives

Windows are an integral part of buildings which ensure a pleasant daylight. Due to the demand opening a balanced room climate is achieved with a high proportion of fresh air at the workplace and in the home. To have an comfortable natural ventilation you can use electromotive operated windows. The drives are operated via a ventilation control unit which allows a controlled flow of fresh air. The controlled natural ventilation via window drives ensures high air exchange rates and achieves a very low energy consumption. Sensors record weather and temperature data and other environmental factors via sensor which analyses the data and sends it to the system. Optimum results are achieved when using heating, cooling and sun protection systems. All individual steps of the system are precisely timed and coordinated and are based on individual needs.   Electric window openers for SHEV and natural ventilation AUMÜLLER window drives open and close your windows in a reliable manner. The electrical window drives ensure additional driving rain impermeability and joint impermeability. Combined with appropriate control units and sensors the controlled natural ventilation ensures enough fresh air and pleasant comfort. This system protects the environment and reduces energy costs. The AUMÜLLER product range offers the adequate drive solution for every RWA window: For superimposed leaf- or frame-mounting on the main or secondary closing edge, as well as for invisible integration into the profile. Elegant design, precision processing and convenient functionality enable the optimum integration into modern overall architectural design concepts. Where other equipment reaches its limits, we still provide special solutions: In the stairwell and in the lift, in the office building as well as in airports or classrooms.

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Automatic Curved Sliding Door

A systematic use of the available space enhances the concept of a prestigious entrance area and highlights the refined elegance of the building's design. Curved sliding door makes an architectural statement and demonstrates style and character at the first glance. A variety of configurations enable us to offer you a suitable entrance solution for almost any building. Curved sliding doors offer wider entrance openings than flat sliding doors. The door provides enough space for people pushing prams or trolleys, carrying luggage and people in wheelchairs. Compact Master CMR / CMR-F Curved sliding door A curved sliding door unites the attractive appearance of a cylindrical door system with the benefits of an easily accessible sliding door. Whether in the form of a segmental arch, a semicircle, or a full circle up to a diameter of 4000 mm, the compactMaster CMR / CMR-F curved sliding door integrates perfectly into the architecture of a building. Through the use of sophisticated profiles (G30 profile system), extensive transparency is combined with comprehensive functionality. For escape and rescue routes, the CMR-F version offers broad opening widths up to 2500 mm. The drives are certified to DIN 18650/EN 16005 and type-tested by TÜV and comply with the current directives and standards. The CMR-F drive system is tested and suitable for use in escape and rescue routes (AutSchR).

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Security Revolving Door

Access to safety-sensitive buildings or areas within a building can be controlled through security revolving doors. Besides functionality, the building architecture is taken into consideration according to the customer's wishes, so a tailor made solution always results. Access controlled in both directions In the initial position, the security revolving door is by means of a motor driven brake system. An access control system releases it. Unauthorized persons are conducted out of the drum in the exit direction.

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Movable Walls

The Espero Sonico consists of individual panels that are suspended from, and slide along, an overhead track. The panels can be pushed together and can interlock to form a wall. The panels are held by a self-supporting aluminium frame reinforced with steel and high-quality particle boards on both sides. Acoustic integrity is achieved by the use of extendable pressure seals running along the top and bottom of the panels as well as with acoustic rubber seals running along the vertical sides and high-performance sound-absorbent materials that are used internally. The quality of the acoustic insulation is further enhanced by a sound-break between the frame and outer boards. A telescopic end-panel enables the wall to be locked vertically into position, completing the acoustic seal. The Sonico range is available with laboratory tested acoustic insulation with values from Rw = 37dB to 58 dB. The patented Espero Quick system ensures that the pressure seals are extended and retracted with a single 90°-turn by using a removable operating handle. Once retracted, the panels can be moved effortlessly and quietly along the especially designed aluminium overhead track system. The flexible track-and-carrier system is easy to operate and allows walls to be positioned or parked in countless configurations. The Espero Sonico has been tested for sound reduction by internationally recognised test laboratories and has been awarded TUV Approval.

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folding wall

The folding wall consists of individual sandwich panels hinged together to give an even appearance when closed. They can either be suspended from, and moved along, an overhead track or can be manoeuvred on an ultra low profile floor track system with a ceiling-mounted guiding track. When closed, these panels give the appearance of a completely even wall. The panels can slide along a floor track system with an ultra-flat profile, guided by a track installed on the ceiling. In this case, the track on the floor bears the full load and no overhead supporting construction is necessary. Alternatively, the panels can be suspended from a ceiling track and moved with floor guidance. The hinged panels are pushed together and will interlock to form a flat wall. The panel construction consists of an aluminium frame, high quality particle boards and contains high-performance sound-absorbent materials. Acoustic integrity is completed by fixed top and bottom sweep seals. The Flexio is available with laboratory acoustic insulation values from Rw 37dB to Rw 44dB. Each wall section incorporates an end pass door panel, which provides a quick method of closing off the wall and also a means of access to adjoining rooms.

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