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HEAT PUMPS (Chiller-cum-Heater)

HEAT PUMPS (Chiller-cum-Heater)


1. Specially Designed for Gulf Conditions, Having both Heating & Cooling Uniform temperature throughout the year.

2. Easy to Install and Operate

3. Very Low operational cost, Dana Heat Pumps use “ Spec-Plus” technology, which give 80% electricity savings & up to 5 times higher energy outputs.

4. Dana Heat Pumps have very low operating noise levels.

5. Electronic reverse cycle De-Ice control and build in safety switches.

6. Specially designed  hydrophilic coated corrosion-resistant condenser coil.

7. Have long life expectancy & are very durable.

8. Excellent after sales service & technical support.

9. Featuring Japanese SAGNOMIYA “Electronic Expansion Valve” 20% higher efficiency than the traditional heat pump.

10. Japanese SAGNOMIYA “4 way- valves” which leads to the fastest defrosting and higher efficiency.

11. High class Titanium Heat Exchanger free from corrosion.


  • Temperature Control : 10 degrees to 32 degrees celcius
  • Compressor : DCH-3000 :- Rotary Type   DCH-5000/DCh-7000 :- Scroll type
  • Condenser : Fan Cooled Tube /Plate Type With Weather Protection
  • Cooling/Heating Capacity : DCH-3000 :- 10kW/16kW   DCH-5000 :- 15kW/23kW DCH-7000 :- 20kW/30kW
  • Rated Power kW : DCH-3000 :- 2.4 kW   DCH-5000 :- 3.8 kW DCH-7000 :- 4.5 kW
  • Size : DCH-3000/DCH-5000 :- 680 mm x 694mm x 700mm (l x w x h)   DCH-7000 :- 740mm x 694mm x 950mm (l x w x h)
  • Electrical Supply : DCH-3000 (Single Phase 220-240V AC/50-60Hz)   DCH-5000/DCH-7000 (Three Phase 380-400V AC/50-60Hz)
  • Water Inlet/Outlet ( mm) : 50mm
  • Refrigerant/Charge : R-22

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