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Our offered Product range includes Tin Cans, Steel Drum, Reconditioned Steel & Plastic Drums, Ibc Tanks, Wooden Pallets and cap seals.

Tin Cans

Drum Express also manufactures and trades different sized cans with below specifications and capacity; Close-top cans with spouts Capacity: 0.5Liter, 1.0Liter, USG, 12.5Liters, 5USG, 25Liters Open-top cans Capacity: 0.5Liter, 1.0Liter, USG, 5Liters, 5USG, 25Liters These tin cans can be used for oil, water, solvents, chemicals, paints, white spirit, thinner, hardener, PVC cement, glue, adhesives, stucco/putty, lube oil, hydraulic oil, brake oil, edible oil, sunflower oil, soya oil, corn oil, and any other kinds of liquid – chemical or non-chemical.

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Steel Drum

Drum Express manufactures steel drums which follow a safety guidelines of hazardous chemicals and are certified for sea and road transportation. These drums can be manufactured with an alternative of having an open or close top with a thickness that ranges from 0.70mm to a maximum of 1.20mm. Close-top drums can be used for any liquid items, both chemical and non-chemical. Open-top drums can be used for solid items even with high viscosity content like chemicals or oil. New steel drums can be screen-printed on the body and on the top with the company logo and product details. To ensure the safety, Drum Express makes sure that all the drums manufactured are fitted with high quality closures and tight-fitted cap seals. Externally, these drums are painted with high quality paints formulated with a specified thickness that ensures the durability of the material. Internally, these drums can be painted with a primer paint coat or a single or a double coat high quality epoxy lacquer lining which are made sure to be drained to ensure the safety and non-spoilage of the materials to contain, if required.

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Reconditioned Steel & Plastic Drums, Ibc Tanks

Drum Express also trades reconditioned steel and plastic drums, both open and close-top; and IBC tanks. To ensure quality products, the company builds a production facility of reconditioning drums which is equipped with full automatic machinery of drums treatment from any hazardous chemicals. The company ensures that all the drums to be traded are washed and thoroughly cleaned to meet the clients’ demand and satisfaction. Externally, the steel drums are shot-blasted to remove the original paint and re-painted with a minimum 20microns thickness of high quality formulated quick-drying paint. Reconditioned steel drums can also be screen-printed on the body and on the top with the company logo and product details. Having our own facility of reconditioning these drums gives us the option of trading to the market both locally and overseas to a lower cost with a guaranteed high quality.

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Wooden Pallets

Our used wooden pallet operation processes many pallets per day, putting them back into the market to be re-used. We can design a pallet retrieval and repair program to “close the loop” on the customer pallet program and reduce their costs. Each pallet is hand sorted, examined and repaired to their original specification by our highly skilled labors. Our reconditioned pallet can provide an economical alternative to purchasing a new pallet.

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cap seals

Our cap seals are made of high quality metal sheets and are used for sealing the 200 liters drums. It comes in a set of 2 sizes, the small with a diameter of 3.5 cm and the big with a diameter of 7 cm. The top of the cap seals can be plain or printed as per customers’ logo requirement.

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