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Our offered Product range includes Star Toilet Cubicles And Lockers, Majestic Mica, Star Solid surface, metal laminates and Majestic Plus Laminates.

Star Toilet Cubicles And Lockers

  • 2000mm 130mm
  • 1000mm 1500mm
  • 700mm 1500 X 1500 X 900 (Width X Depth X Door)

Compact is a high-pressure, load bearing decorative laminate which is resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. It has an inner core of celluloid fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins. Its composition allows sawing, drilling, machining and chiseling on site. Screw threads may be cut into it and self-threading screws can also be used. Economical and durable. Elegant cubicles for hygiene & endurance. Supplied & installed along with Stainless steel or Nylon Accessories. An exceptionally stable system for toilet, showers for wet areas & heavy duty use. Star Lockers 'Star Lockers' is the ulimate in locker design and construction. It does not rust or disintegrate like steel, wood or plastic lockers. Our 100% solid phenolic board constructions combined with state-of-the-art hardware design gives you an extensive range of customized styles and sizes for your individual storage needs. Be it a changing room, library, clunhouse, swimming pool, gym or school, Star Lockers are waterproof, highly vandal-resistant, elegant & versatile in performance. Star Locker's are made of 100% solid phenolic board using the best combination of design and state-of-the-art technology resulting in an extensive range of styles and sized for all your individual storage needs. Custom design is also possible.   Compact is a high-pressure, load-bearing decorative laminate which is resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. It has an inner core of celluloid fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins. STAR CUBICLES Compact isa high-pressure, load-bearing decorative laminate which is resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. It has an inner core of celluloid fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins. Its composition allows sawing, drilling, machining and chiselling on site. Screw threads may be cut into it and self-threading screws can also be used. Economical and durable. Elegant cubicles for hygiene & endurance. Supplied & installed along with Stainless stell or Nylon Accessories. An exceptionally stable system for toilet, showers, for wet areas & heavy duty use. WATER RESISTANT Resistant to dampness, water, humidity, mould attack and rust. It is ideal for High Pressure cleaning which is increasingly being used. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE The panels and hardwares offer good resistance to a range of organic solvents and diluted acid. Hence the system looks new even after years of exposures to cleaning and bleaching agents. IMPACT RESISTANCE The panels have tough surface formed of soild phenolic core made up of melamine resins. This property makes the cubicles to withstand Vandalism and impact. RESISTANCE TO BURNS The hard surface of the panels is resistant to burns and no permanent marks are formed when the is put off on the panel surface. stains can be cleaned with damp cloth and soap solutions

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Majestic Mica

Majestic Mica   MAJESTIC MICA provides warranty and the product is free from any MANUFACTURING defects and is suitable to use in normal condition. In case of any visual defect, the product should not be used, cut or altered in any manner. MAJESTIC MICA provides guaranty for 7 years and the product is free from any MANUFACTURING defects and is suitable to use in normal storage condition. In case of any visual defect, the product should not be used, cut or altered in any manner and may be replaced, if any MANUFACTURING defect is established. Specially developed imported abrasive tissue papers, impregnated with specially formulated Melamine Resin, are overlaid on the imported design papers for manufacturing SPT laminates. Coating of superior grade tissue paper with improved melamine resin gives additional protection to the decor paper thereby enhancing its property of resistance to stain and scratch much more than the conventional technology. To make MAJESTIC Mica more durable in actual use, its core support has been crafted with imported high quality (with low ash content) kraft paper impregnated with straight phenolic resin.

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Star Solid surface

Star 100% acrylic solid surface is the ideal material that combines durability and elegance. It is the preface material that enables you to create a once of a kind design that expresses your "Style" while accommodating to your "life style". Excellence resistance to water, heat and other intense conditions Star solid surface products can be the main element in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, schools, restaurants and other areas that welcome practically and performance. Star 100% acrylic Solid surface is easy to clean and remove scratches. Routine care using water and household cleaners will make Star solid surface look like new again. The nonporous surface can easily be renewed from the damages, bring out the natural beauty. Star 100% acrylic Solid surface is covered by a 10 years limited warranty.

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metal laminates

METAL LAMINATES are designed for vertical interior applications where a special accent is required or a special mood is desired. The surface of METAL LAMINATES is that of a fine finished metal. These materials are appropriate for vertical areas in hotel and office lobbies, theaters, retail facilities and restaurants, where its special eye catching properties add a definite prestigious appeal.

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Majestic Plus Laminates

The Majestic Plus Laminate manufactured with specially formulated resins, selective decor & kraft papers and very high glossy press plates. Is cabale to protect the decor surface of the laminate from day to day wear and tear in a very effective way and retains its aestheic look for a longer period . it has superior test results for abraion , stain & heat resistance and color fastnessnproperties. The gloss level is higher than normal glossy surfaces. The maintenance of these laminates is also very simple and effortless. Unlike other brands. Majestic Plus + is very reaonably price d so that our esteemed customers can afford it easily and get value for their money

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Majestic Exterior Laminates

Majestic Exterior Laminates   Majestic Exterior Cladding, Fire Retardant Exterior Compact Laminates the ideal product for exterior applications made from superior Kraft paper, selected decorative paper, European origin UV Film and Pure Phenolic Resin. Our Exterior compact Laminate is complying with EN - 438 Part 6 EDF. It is protected under High pressure and temperature. Hardened resins provide effective weather. Protection which makes it capable of withstanding erosion from natural elements. It comes with high UV resistance which makes it ideal for exterior and cladding facades. Majestic Exterior Cladding makes the perfect cladding material for buildings requiring ventilated facades. It is resistant and sustainable, easy to install and maintain, offering a myriad array of decorative possibilities. Majestic Exterior Cladding is a high-quality construction product which is primarily used for long term facade claddings and exterior applications. Majestic Exterior Claddings are found in a wide range of thickness. The range is available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and up to 15mm thicknesses and in standard size of 1220mm X 2440mm. Applications Facade Cladding Balcony Cladding Soffits Cladding member for gate & garage Duct Covering Signages Pedestrian Shelters Prefab Huts Kiosk Partitions Canopy Fence, Rails & Screens Ventilated Facades Louvers Limited Warranty Majestic Exterior Cladding warranty of 10 years for Exterior Grade Laminate from the date of delivery of the product to the buyer. This will exclude if any damage been done by mishandling as a result of improper installation and maintenance of the product caused outside Majestic Mica distributor's facility. Salient Features Decorative Non Porous and Water Proof Inherent Fire Retardant Properties - FR RATING CLASS I High Weather resistant Optimal light fastness Scratch resistant Solvent Resistant Highly resistant to stains Impact resistant 10 years Warranty Environment friendly product Sustainability in huge variation in climatic temperature & pressure Easy rapid installation and repair procedure Increased sound proofing function (Up to 15 DB) Low cost maintenance Provides wall production and heat insulation against atmospheric precipitation Lab Test Report We have undergone Lab Test from the approved UAE Civil Defense Laboratory THOMAS BELL WRIGHT for Exterior Compact Laminate (The Fire Test Report will be submitted upon request)

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Door Guard

Door Guard   Majestic's Metallic DOOR GUARD is unlike other traditional door skins and possesses all the properties and advantages of decorative laminates. These are available in more than 40 elegant designs in Matt Finish and in the sizes of 8'x4' and 7'x3.25' in 1mm thickness. Majestic's Metallic Door Guard are manufactured with the state of art technology using pure Phenol- Formaldehyde Resin and high quality imported decorative papers and foil so that the same quality of regular Majestic Mica laminates is maintained. The whole new range of Majestic Metallic Door Guard is so designed that it gives a soothing feel to your eyes and an aesthetic look to your doors and wardrobes. Now you can save lot of your time, money and material by using these elegantly designed Door Guard in place of traditionally carved piece of laminate for your doors and wardrobes etc. So, waiting for what? Use Majestic's Metallic Door Guard and believe by yourself and have peace of mind.    

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Color Core Laminates

Color Core Laminates   Majestic Mica presents Unicore* Laminates having more aesthetic value. Expensive Korean Solid Surfaces be replaced with this Unicore and are being widely used for various purposes especially for beautiful looking counter-tops. It is made from special melamine resin and is little bit more brittle than regular high pressure laminate but has a high surface wear resistance. It should be cut in vertical direction only with sharp TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) saws. Also it should not be bundled in roll having diameter less than 18 inch. *Available in thickness of 1.00 mm and 0.80 mm.

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High Pressure Laminate

High pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) is commonly used as the decorative surface for residential and commercial countertops and cabinets, work surfaces, laboratory surfaces, backsplashes, partitions, retail fixtures, panel applications, furniture, built-ins, signage/displays, decorative wainscoting, walls and floors.HPDL is a paper-based product created by bonding melamine-impregnated decorative papers to layers of resin-treated kraft paper under high heat and pressure. In the press, decorative papers are permanently bonded to the kraft paper to form a sheet of laminate.Laminate is made up of several components and key ingredients: High Pressure Laminate High Pressure Laminate Previous Next   The Overlay (or Wear Layer) is made from alpha-cellulose wood fibers which primarily come from softwood trees. The lignin is removed from the fibers and they are lightly refined. The long fibers provide strength to the overlay paper. These lightweight papers are very absorbent and carry melamine resin and aluminum oxide from the impregnation process. Overlay paper is similar to the paper used in tea bags or coffee filters. In many cases, the paper machines that make filter papers also make overlay papers! Decorative paper (solid colors and base papers used for print designs)use alpha cellulose because it does not discolor when exposed to heat and light. Fibers content includes Eucalyptus (primary), small amounts of cotton and some hardwood. The cotton fibers used are not suitable for making most types of thread. Solid color sheets contain a pacifying agent, titanium dioxide and environmentally safe pigments. Print base paper also contains TiO2 and small amounts of pigment for color control. Printed designs are usually rotogravure printed, but may also be digitally printed. Kraft paper layers comprise soft/hard wood from FSC Controlled Wood sources and post-consumer recycled paper (similar to what is used in paper grocery bags). Kraft paper provides the strength and impact resistance to the laminate and gives it the primary performance characteristics (such as post-formability). The paper is not bleached. Melamine resin saturates the top layer of paper for hardness and scuff resistance. Thermoset melamine resin produces a hard chemically resistant surface that is transparent and visually stable upon exposure to light. Melamine is a synthetic resin derived from the natural gas and petroleum industries. It is water white and inert to most common household chemicals. Phenolic resin saturates the Kraft paper layers for strength and flexibility. Phenolic resin is a thermoset resin based on the chemistry developed for Bakelite over 100 years ago. It is derived from natural gas and petroleum products. The red-brown color is partially responsible for the color of the core layers in a sheet of laminate. It provides strength and impact resistance to the paper layers, as well as postforming performance to the laminate when cooked in the appropriate cycle. FSC® Certified Wood = 70% total by weight Total Resin Content = 30% total by weight

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Fire-Rated Laminate

Fire-Rated Laminate is recommended for interior application where fire codes specify or the environment suggests a fire-resistant and smoke-resistant surface. It may be applied as decorative surfacing for casework and cabinets, wainscoting, interior doors, and wall panel and divider systems. This laminate is particularly appropriate for surfacing furniture in public places such as airports, hotels, office buildings and institutions such as hospitals and schools. Fire-Rated Laminate can offer a Class I or A fire rating, provided fire retardant adhesives and substrates are used.

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chemsurf laminate

Chemsurf Laminate   Wilsonart® Chemsurf® Chemical-ResistantLaminate is produced forwork tops and cabinetsurfacing in intermediate-type laboratorieswhere weightorcostconstraints rule outslate, epoxy orstainless steel;the possibility ofchemicalspills rulesoutconventionalhigh pressure decorativelaminate;orwhere a trend-aware colored orpatterned surfaceis desired. Chemsurfis also recommended in areaswhereindiscriminate use ofa varietyofcleaning agentsmay be used.specific applications include laboratory cabinets, casework, counters and tabletops inhospitals, photographers'darkrooms, beauty salonsand producttesting facilities.Chemsurfis idealfornurses' stations, physicians' and dentists' examining and treatmentroomsand pathologists' workrooms.Itisalso practicaland attractive surfacing forwainscotinginanyofthese areas.Type 390 isintended forhorizontal, verticaland postforming surfaces and applications, including thosewhere itis necessary ordesirable toroll thelaminate on a simple radius overthe edgeofa substrate.

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High Wear Laminate

High Wear Laminate Wilsonart® High WearLaminate offers five times the abrasion and scuffresistance ofconventionallaminate.Itis produced forcommercial, contractand institutionalapplications where a decorativesurface mustwithstand more than normalwear.Typicalapplications ofHigh WearLaminate includecheckoutcounters in retailstores;restaurantand fastfood fixtures and casework;tabletops;changecounters;bank dealplatesand tellers' desks;wallpanels, wainscoting andinstitutionalfurniture.

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compact laminate

Compact Laminate is a high pressure solid composite designed forlaboratory worksurfaces, toiletpartitions, wallpanels, fume hood decks, fume hood linerpanels, pegboards(drying racks), reagentracks, commercialcountertops, cabinetdrawerfronts, lockerdrawers, shelving, windowsills, decorative casework components and otherinteriorapplications.Compact Laminate provides superiorimpact, fire rated, chemicaland stain resistance.

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Chalkboard & Marker board

Chalkboard & Marker board Wilsonart® ChalkBoard LaminateType137 is provided for surface applications requiring a durable, decorative surface foreasy erasure of standard writing chalk for Vertical and Horizontal applications.Wilsonart Chalk Board Laminate is ideal for use in presentation areas, school classrooms, conference rooms, planning centers and offices. General Purpose Type 137 is also used where increased impact resistance for vertical surfaces is required. Marker Board The ideal laminate writing surface for classrooms, business and administrative offices, message centers, athletic facilities or as a menu board.

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