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EC medium pressure axial fans

EC medium pressure axial fans

GreenTech EC technology in a new dimension:
EC medium pressure axial fans

Thanks to the new axial fans, our highly efficient GreenTech EC technology is now available for the first time for the medium pressure range. Not only does this create new possibilities, it also makes things easier.

With the EC medium pressure axial fans from ebm-papst, you get …

… a complete system, consisting of a motor, impeller and integrated variable speed drive. All from one source and ready configured. That means no extra components and simple commissioning. In addition, you can be sure that all legal requirements have been fulfilled in line with the Ecodesign Directive for fans. Standardised measurements and clear documentation are available.

… high adaptability. Because different operating points can be set by way of speed adjustment. The system can also be mounted in any desired orientation.

… high efficiency. This is ensured thanks to the GreenTech EC motor in combination with the integrated variable speed drive.

… an integrated derating function. The perfect protection against overheating and mechanical overload.

Medium pressure axial fans with GreenTech EC motors are used wherever high volume flows need to be moved against elevated pressures. Examples of this include shock freezers or cold storage facilities, as well as process cooling applications.
EC medium pressure axial fans: Top of the class in efficiency
50 Hz; According to IEC 60034-30

The legal requirements for energy efficiency are becoming increasingly strict. According to the Ecodesign Directive for motors (EU 640/2009), the minimum efficiency class IE2 is valid in Europe. The efficiency class IE3 must be fulfilled as of 2015. Similar legislation applies in other countries. In the USA, for example, the IE3 efficiency class (premium efficiency) is already obligatory. The good news is that GreenTech EC motors from ebm-papst already exceed the IE4 efficiency class (super premium efficiency) today. This gives you perfect planning security for many years to come.

Efficient also means cost-effective. In addition, the fan speed can be adjusted to requirements, meaning that you only use the energy that you really need.


EC medium pressure axial fans: Continuously cost-effective The adjustment of the air flow to the current requirements is a decisive factor for a system’s energy consumption. For AC fans, this is often achieved by switching individual fans on or off. In contrast, GreenTech EC fans have an integrated variable speed drive, which can be used to adjust the air mass to requirements. When the fan speed n is reduced, the input power Pe decreases drastically (P~n³).

A simple sample calculation makes the enormous potential for savings clear: A system with four fans arranged in parallel consumes 40 kW in rated operation. If this system is operated over one year, with an average of half the time in the design point and the other half of the time at half the rated air flow, this results in energy savings of 65 MWh per year.

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