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Energy saving iQ motor

Energy saving iQ motor

Today, saving energy is more important than ever. Doing so with fans is particularly effective as they are often operated almost constantly, for example in refrigerated cases, bottle coolers and floor convectors. As a result, high motor efficiency makes a pronounced difference - not only in terms of reducing environmental impact, but also keeping money in the end user's wallet. Higher efficiency also means that less waste heat is given off into the surroundings, resulting in further energy savings.

For this case, ebm-papst offers the energy-saving iQ motor, which has a high efficiency of up to 65%, is compatible with existing shaded-pole motors and requires the same space for installation, allowing simple and direct mechanical replacement. Axial impellers with diameters from 154 to 254 mm can be fitted to the iQ motor the same way for an energy-saving solution. Their smart electronics regulate voltage fluctuations so that the speed remains constant. Many well-known supermarket chains are already making use of this environmentally and economically beneficial option for direct replacement.

The advantages at a glance:

  • 70% energy savings with GreenTech EC technology
  • Improved efficiency of up to 65%
  • More economical and significant environmental benefits
  • Easy 1:1 replacement with existing shaded-pole motors thanks to identical installation dimensions


Intelligence to the second power: iQ² motors

The new iQ² motors can do everything the “normal” iQ motors can do – and more. This makes their application in refrigeration technology even more efficient, for example. The iQ² is also available as a plastic version with protection class II. Extra functions even enable different operating modes that are individually adjustable.


iQ² reverse on start.
The iQ² reverse on start runs backwards automatically for a pre-programmed time at each start-up. This is an important function for cooling units, as it allows accumulated dust to be blown from the heat exchanger of the condenser – for long-lasting high cooling capacity.

iQ² reverse on demand.

With the iQ² reverse on demand, the time and duration reverse operation can be determined. For example, the defrost cycle of the evaporator to eliminate dust from the heat exchanger of the condenser can be used.

iQ² two speeds.The special performance feature of the iQ² two speeds is its two factoryprogrammed speed steps. For example, the application can be run in different daytime and nighttime modes to save additional energy.

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