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packaged sewage treatment plants

packaged sewage treatment plants

Right from conceptualization to commissioning, complete solutions for economic Wastewater Treatment are offered by Eco Smart. All the solutions are based on the pollution control guidelines developed by the industrial and commercial establishments. Eco Smart Packaged Sewage Treatment Systems are offered in various specifications, capacities and technologies.

Treatment Process - Ecological concept The Packaged Sewage Treatment commonly referred to as Decentralized Wastewater Treatment system which utilizes the biological comprehensive aeration principle of operation. This is similar to a variation of the Activated Sludge Treatment Process. This system operates by creating an environment with adequate oxygen levels and agitation to allow for bio-oxidation of the wastes to appropriate levels for discharge.Waste material in domestic waste water is generally organic which means that microorganisms can use this matter as their source of food. 90% of the bacteria and other microorganisms are removed from the organic matter in the wastewater, with the use of a biological Wastewater Treatment System.Biological Waste Water Treatment Systems and processes were actually developed by perceiving the nature. When the waste is entered into the stream, the dissolved oxygen content in the water is decreasing and the populations of bacteria are increasing. The bacteria would ultimately consume all of the organic materials, as when the waste moved downstream. Bacterial populations would then decrease, the dissolved oxygen in the stream would be replaced and the whole process would be repeated at the next wastewater discharge point.

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