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industrial plugs & sockets

industrial plugs & sockets

Our medium-sized company was founded in 1935 when Aloys Mennekes received the master craftsmen senior electrician certificate and set up his own business.

Today MENNEKES has more than 900 employees worldwide, two thirds of them are based in Germany. Production for the international market takes place in our headquarters in Kirchhundem/Sauerland region and in Neudorf/Erzgebirge


The range of products has grown and today numbers over 11,000 different standard and specialised items. The range covers standardised CEE industrial plugs and sockets in different shapes and designs: plugs, connectors, sockets with and without switches, plug and socket devices for containers and for camping, and products for numerous other purposes, as standard devices or developed specially to meet particular customer requirements. Over these years MENNEKES has developed a charging devices that fulfill all today's needs while being ready for those of the future.


We take a holistic approach to electro-mobility and develop components such as sockets, charging cables and vehicle plugs as well as complete charging stations for a variety of different commercial and private uses.



MENNEKES plugs and sockets are quality products. All companies in the MENNEKES group are certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. Our products have attracted more than 3,000 attestations and accreditations.


They promise you quality and performance and are committed to it. Extremely high quality, reliability, safety, innovative drive, proximity to the market and sustainability in our business are the qualities that single their brand out

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