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main distribution board

main distribution board


  • Type tested and compliant with IEC 61439-1
  • Separation Form 2, 3 & 4 type 7
  • With flexible and modular system designing for maximum safety and reliability
  • Guaranteeing in-depth thermal rise effects and short-circuit withstand, internal arc withstand and corrosive ambient protection
  • Designed for both withdrawable and fixed versions
  • Electrical distribution by using components like MCCB & ACBs
  • Special control Systems to customer requirements
  • Full range o Instruments and metering to Customer requirements
  • High performance, high safety and long-lasting installation by design
  • ELTECH factories renowned for their high engineering capabilities and close to the client to better understand needs and bring more flexibility in perfect management.
  • Safety, reliability, and performance of a low voltage switchboard components, designed and type tested as per IEC 61439-1.
  • A unique global design with local implementation, allowing flexibility in project management, adaptability to local projects and end-user needs.
  • Manufactured close to the end users exclusively by ELTECH ensuring the best-delivered quality.
  • A large installed base in all industrial and large power consuming sectors, in harsh environments and heavy-duty operating conditions.

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