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  • Affirmative Action Plan

    Affirmative Action Plan

    The tenacity of this plan is to establish just access to employment opportunities and to create a staff that is a truthful image of the demographics of the qualified available workforce in the relevant job market. These policies and programs are tools by which additional efforts are made to employee, appoint and endorse qualified women, minorities and individuals with disabilities.

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  • Human Resource Management Services

    Human Resource Management Services

    HRM or simply HR is the management of an organization's human capital or workforce where we at Greenland enable our clients to follow the essentials of HRM practices in the right sequence of hiring, training, developing, conducting performance appraisals and rewarding.

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  • performance management services

    performance management services

    Performance management is a holistic process where individuals achieve their goals through development and full usage of their own skills, behavior and contributions.

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  • Recruitment Services

    Recruitment Services

    Recruitment is the process whereby an organization communicates opportunities and information to the labour market in order to attract the quantity and quality of potential employees it requires to fulfil its human resource plan.

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    . Learn the essential skills behind creating and managing effective social media strategy and campaigns
    . Plan and manage your communications and marketing through the social networks
    . Leverage your company’s presence on social media platforms to generate more connections.
    . Build real customer relationships and boost your business presence with the latest tools, techniques and strategies
    . Develop new key practical, actionable skills to monitor and address reputational ...

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  • Strategic Brand Management

    Strategic Brand Management

    . Marketing vision derived from the organization vision and values
    . Campaigns and ideas are generated from marketing vision or compliance is ensured in case of an idea generated otherwise
    .observe brands in the newly established social media hype, along with endorsements, gossips, open complaint platforms, and the like
    .polish your brand from the strategy perspective and understand how these correlate and behave under given circumstances

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  • training and development services

    training and development services

    Training and development are vital for all businesses and are predominantly acute for small organizations. Proficient and capable people add to both the productivity and profitability of the company.

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