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Granite & Marble

Granite & Marble



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» 1930 x 1930 x 870 mm.

Available Finish: GRANITE & MARBLE

3 Therapy Areas

  • This area ensures the complete immersion of the back in water, where it undergoes a relaxing, natural massage. The intensive water massage causes cramps, tired muscles and back pain, to a large extent, to disappear. Moreover, the intensive massage stimulates the skin and subcutaneous tissue, ensuring continuously regeneration.
  • Recommended for relaxation and a sense of weightlessness. By directing the small nozzles around the spine, a gentle water massage provides calmness and relaxation. It reduces fatigue, stress and back pain. It stimulates blood circulation and purifi es the body perfectly, causing a pleasant and relaxing sensation just in time for the end of the day. The seat is also recommended for children because of its soft and relaxing massage.
  • This area is excellent for a gentle massage on both the upper and lower areas of the body. It provides a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity, helping to shape the muscles and eliminate cellulite, and strengthening the skin.

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