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rectangular brushed stainless steel shower

rectangular brushed stainless steel shower

INOX SQUARE is a 100mm x 50mm rectangular brushed stainless steel shower.  This wonderfully contemporary design will delight anybody who loves sleek, clean luxury.  The brushed finish highlights the natural color and reflective qualities of the stainless steel.  A stainless steel frame provides a wonderful contrast with the wood or stone, elegantly reflecting the effect produced by contemporary architecture. We have chosen to use a high-quality 316L stainless steel for this unit, which is designed to withstand bad weather at sea and prevent any risk of localized corrosion.

1. Contemporary footwash equipment
2. Equipment with a mixer
3. View on the back side with handshower equipment
4. Equipment for hot and cold with 2 faucets
5. Equipment with a mixer and diverter and footwash equipment

Standard version :
Fitted with a ¼ turn faucet, standard Ø15 cm showerhead and terrace attachment support.

Optional fittings
Equipment for hot and cold 2 faucets
Equipment with a mixer, simple knob 
Handshower equipment
Contemporary footwah faucet
Xflat showerhead Ø 15 cm
Square showerhead 20 x 20 cm or 25 x 25 cm
Ultra-flat showerhead Ø 30 cm

Connection at the back base or underneath 

Structure: 100 mm x 50 mm
Height: 2m20
Weight: 20 kg

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