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Bleaching Clay

Fuller's Earth -A type of Clay which is highly adsorptive and consists mainly pf hydrated aluminium silicates. It is used as a bleaching agent, and as an adsorbent in decolorizing and refining oils and fats. Fuller's earth is a mineral substance characterized by the property of absorbing basic colors and removing them from oils. It is composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia, and water, in extremely variable proportions and is generally classified as a sedimentary clay. In color it may be whitish, buff, brown, green, olive, or blue. It is semiplastic or nonplastic and may or may not disintegrate easily in water. It was originally used in the fulling of wool to remove oil and grease but is now used chiefly in bleaching and clarifying petroleum and secondarily in refining edible oils. Fuller's earth is mined in many parts of the United States, Georgia and Florida, Germany and India being the leading producers and in England near Reigate, Nutfield, and Bath. Before it can be used, it has to be crushed and dried. In general Bleaching Earth is a decolourising agent which will change the tint of any coloured oil to a lighter shade by changing the basic colour units in oil, without altering the chemical properties of the oil. Bleaching Earths are special clays activated by physical or chemical processes. Natural clays are found in special strata and are subjected to various processes such as desegregation in water, treatment by sulphuric acid solutions, filtration, baking, grinding, etc. Efficiency of bleaching earth depends on selecting the right grade and proper blends of the basic raw material, Bentonite obtained from various mines. We are the leading supplier of various Fuller's Earth produced in India. Having over three decades of expertise in catering to the vast petroleum and edible oil refiners with a commitment to manufacture highly effective made to order products as per the consumer needs, based on our technical know-how and continuous research and development

Propertiers E-LUBE / E-Bleach E-TWIN E-TWIN SUPER E-10 E-ABE E-Active Base
Apparent Bulk Density [g/cc] 0.80 0.44 0.99 0.86 0.80 0.80
Free Moisture (2h, 110 Deg C) [%] 9 to 12 8 to 12 10 to 12 10 to 12 7 to 10 9 to 12
Loss on Ignition (Pre dried, 2h, 1.000 Deg C) [%] 5 to 7 6 to 8 6 to 8 6 to 8 5 to 7 5 to 7
PH (10% Suspension, Filtered) 7 to 7.3 5 to 5.3 5 to 5.3 7.8 to 8.5 5.8 to 6.3 7.3 to 7.5
Acidity [Mg KOH/g] < 0.1 < 0.1 < 1 NIL < 0.01 < 0.001
Surface Area (B.E.T.) [m2/g] 225 200 210 164 280 235
Micro Pore Volume 0-80 nm [ml/g] 0.41 0.38 0.46 0.38 0.41 0.41
Silicium Oxide 58.04% 58.04% 64% 58.04% 62.34% 62.34%
Aluminium Oxide 15.81% 15.81% 16% 15.81% 16.81% 16.81%
Iron (III) Oxide 3.10% 3.10% 1.20% 3.10% 5.19% 5.19%
Magnesium Oxide 4.21% 4.21% 2.10% 4.21% 4.24% 4.24%
Calcium Oxide 1.19% 1.19% 1.20% 1.19% 2.15% 2.15%
Sodium Oxide 1.20% 1.20% 0.00% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20%
Loss on Ignition - - 7.90% - 7.45% 7.45%
Others 16.45% 16.45% 7.60% 16.45% 0.62% 0.62%
Total 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
100 1% 1% 2% 1% 1% 1%
200 16% 12% 9% 16% 10% 10%
240 26% 29% 21% 26% 31% 31%
300 28% 28% 18% 28% 29% 29%
350 12% 12% 12% 12% 14% 14%
-350 17% 17% 38% 17% 15% 15%
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Petroleum Jelly And Paraffin Wax

  • Color 1Y
  • Congealing Point 58 to 60
  • Penetration Point 11
  • Viscosity @ 100 Deg C 7 to 8
  • Pour Point 58 to 60
  • Flash Point 250
Petroleum Jelly is recommended for
  • Pharma Ointments
  • Hair Wax or Pomades
  • Face Creams
  • Skin Lotions
  • Cosmetics
It also has a wide range of Industrial purpose such as Softening Agent for Printing Inks, as a Plasticizer for Rubber, as a component of Carbon Paper, in Leather finishes etc.
Our product is highly purified to meet the standards of the latest issues of USP & BP.
Packing - 175 KG Net in New Drums1 X 20' FCL = 98 Drums = 17, 150 KGS1 X 20' FCL = 80 Drums = 14, 000 KGSTare Weight per Drum = 18 to 20 KGSShipment Period 2-3 weeksMOQ - 1 Container
Paraffin Wax
If you are a Paraffin trader or use Paraffin in your industry, we have Paraffin for different industries such as
  • Fruits, Chocolates etc. to make them shiny and fresh
  • Paper Industries
  • Making Match Sticks
  • Candle Manufacturing
  • Used in blending of other Petroleum and Jelly Products
In each industry the oil content and melting point of Paraffin wax should be different and our products are based on customer's requirement with very good quality and competitive prices.
Quantity Per 20' Container =21 M.T.
Color:Snow White / White / Cream / Yellow
Slab Form
Each Slab = 4.5 to 4.8 KGS X 5 Slabs = 23.5 to 24 KG Gross in White Polypropylene Woven Bag.Exported in Sea Worthy packing
Shipment:2 to 3 weeks
MOQ: 1 Container

Characteristics Grade A Grade B Grade C Method
Actual Limits Actual Limits Actual Limits
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 Deg C 4.7 cst 4.5 - 6 cst 6.2 cst 6 - 8 cst 5.8 cst 4.5 - 6 cst ASTM
Congealing Point 51 Deg C 50 - 54 Deg C 57.5 
Deg C
54 - 58 
Deg C
Deg C
50 - 54 
Deg C
Penetration Consistency 145 140 - 160 147 140 - 160 137 130 - 150 ASTM 
Color (Lovibond) 0.4 Y Max 0.5 Y 0.7 Y Max 0.7 Y 1.1 Y Max 1.1 Y IP-17
Acidity or Alkalinity Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed B.P. 2007
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed B.P. 2007
Odour Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed ---

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Motor Oil

Available Packs- 1 Litre 4 Litres 5 Litres 20 Litres 25 Litres 208 Litres
(Can be customized if quantity is good and regular)
Shipment Period - 2 weeks
MOQ 1 Container

We can manufacture any specific grade as per your requirement and pack the same in your brand as per the requirement

Our premium advanced formulation engine lubricant delivers superior engine protection to gasoline and diesel passenger car power units, maximizing wear and corrosion resistance in demanding driving conditions.
Customer Benefits
This premium product is formulated with high quality mineral base stocks and advanced technology additive systems designed to offer excellent protection to catalytic converters.
Our Engine Oil delivers maximum wear protection in severe, high speed, high temperature driving conditions and offers critical friction reduction and component wear resistance in cold engine start situations at low ambient temperatures
Our Engine Oil high performance thermal stability will inhibit the formation of black sludge in engines that are vulnerable to this high temperature problem.
Naturally aspirated, lean burn and turbocharged passenger car gasoline engines.
Naturally aspirated, lean burn and turbocharged light duty diesel engines.

Suitable for vehicles with catalytic converters.

Excellence Engine Oil is a high performance semi-synthetic diesel engine lubricant designed to provide ultimate engine protection and performance in heavy duty and off-highway vehicle engines operating in extreme conditions over very long service periods.ExcellenceEngine Oil is designed to maximize engine output, protection and performance, extending engine service life in the most arduous operating environments
Customer Benefits
Enhanced fuel economy potential
Features Dispersive Polymer Technology (DPT) for superior soot control
The advanced product technology offers a long-life, balanced formulation which helps maximize engine durability.
Wide temperature performance
Heavy duty naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel truck engines.
Heavy duty naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel bus engines.
Excellence Multigrade Engine Oil is high performance engine oil designed to meet the very severe performance requirements of a range of high-output engines. It is formulated from premium mineral base oils and specialized additives for service in gasoline and diesel engines where SF/CF API requirement is recommended
Customer Benefits
Control oil consumption
Reduces overall maintenance schedules
Extended oil drain intervals
Exceptional detergency level
High dispersancy level
Suitable for all turbocharged or normally aspirated diesel engines
Trucks and Buses
Small diesel engines in marine service
Generator sets
Suitable for all diesel stationary engines (Energy Production)

SAE 10W-40 (API SL / CF) (API SL / CF)
SAE 10W-30 (API SL / CF) (API SL / CF)
SAE 15W-40 (API SJ / SL / CF) (Multi Grade)
SAE 20W-50 (API SJ / SL / CF)  (Multi Grade)
SAE 10W-30 (API SJ / SL / CF)  (Multi Grade)
SAE 40 (API SC / CC) (Mono Grade)
SAE 50 (API SC / CC) (Mono Grade)
SAE 10W-40 (API CI-4) (Multi Grade)
SAE 10W-30 (API CI-4) (Multi Grade)
SAE 15W-40 (API CI-4) (Multi Grade)
SAE 15W-40 (API CH-4 / CG-4 / CF-4) (Multi Grade)
SAE 20W-50 (API CH-4 / CG-4) (Multi Grade)
SAE 10 (API CF / CF-2) (Mono Grade)
SAE 30 (API CF / CF-2) (Mono Grade)
SAE 40 (API CF / CF-2) (Mono Grade)
SAE 50 (API CF / CF-2) (Mono Grade)


Characteristics Unit Tesh Method 10w-30 15w-40 20w-50
Appearance - Visual Clear Clear Clear
Color - ASTM D1500 2.50 3 3.5
SP. Gravity @ 15.6 0C g/cm3 ASTM D1298 0.876 0.885 0.889
Kinematic Viscosity @ 1000C cSt ASTM D445 12 15.1 19.1
Kinematic Viscosity @ 400C cSt ASTM D445 77.9 113 174
Viscosity Index - ASTM D2270 149 139 125
Pour Point 0C ASTM D97 -37 -33 -27
Flash Point, COC 0C ASTM D92 218 225 235
TBN Mg KOH/g ASTM D2896 10 10 10


Characteristics Unit Tesh Method 10w-30 15w-40 20w-50
Appearance - Visual Clear Clear Clear
Color - ASTM D1500 2.5 3 3.5
SP. Gravity @ 15.6 0C g/cm3 ASTM D1298 0.875 0.884 0.888
Kinematic Viscosity @ 1000C cSt ASTM D445 11.50 14.50 19
Kinematic Viscosity @ 400C cSt ASTM D445 75 110 173
Viscosity Index - ASTM D2270 146 135 124
Pour Point 0C ASTM D97 -39 -33 -27
Flash Point, COC 0C ASTM D92 218 225 235
TBN Mg KOH/g ASTM D2896 13.50 13.50 13.50
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Plastic Dropper Bottles

  • 5 ml 2400 nos per box
  • 10 ml 2000 nos per box
  • 15 ml 1700 nos per box
  • 30 ml 1000 nos per box
we manufacture plastic dropper bottles. These bottles are manufactured with due care keeping in mind their safety and hygiene. Our plastic dropper bottles are manufactured in dust free, closed and clean room on ibm machines. Our bottles are either of ldpe or lupolene material and we supply these with gamma & eto sterilized. We are the renowned manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of plastic dropper bottles which are high on demand in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • safe
  • hygienically manufactured
  • supplied with gamma & eto sterilized
  • available in different sizes
  • colored caps
  • ranging from 5ml to 100 ml
  • superior range- 5ml , 10 ml , 15 ml & 30 ml only
  • body- ldpe material
  • plug- ldpe material
  • cap- hdpe material
  • packing- corrugated boxes
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Stainless Steel Drums

304 quality and 316 quality offered specially designed for storage, shipping and handling of foods and chemicals where product integrity and purity are important. Superior performance in corrosion resistance, tensile strength and reusability. Full open top and narrow mouth drums avaliable as per clients specification in mirror finish and mat finish.
we also undertake customized fabrication work as per clients specification
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Multi-functional Fuel Additive

  • Specific gravity @ 15.6o C 0.84
  • Viscosity cSt., 40o C 3-9
  • Flash point o C 63
  • Pour Point o C       -12
an ash-less antioxidant - dispersant /surfactant type additive specially formulated for gasoline/diesel and jet fuels.
it is an ash-less multifunctional additive developed for treatment of both gasoline and diesel fuels. It imparts the following performance characteristics to the fuels:
fuel stability during storage.
it has synergistic effect in the antiknock characteristics.
corrosion inhibition for pipeline and storage tanks.
water tolerance allowing moisture to settle rapidly from the fuel leaving no fuel emulsion in the water phase.
imparts reduction of carburetor deposits and exhaust emissions, induction system deposits, and engine sludge deposits.
injector cleanliness for diesel engines during prolonged performance life.
dispersancy for insoluble gum which may occur from the blending of distillate fuels or from presence of unstable fuel components.

drastically improves puc due to complete burning of fuel hence improves fuel efficiency by 9 % to 30 % depending on conditions.

the treating levels in ppm specified for different fuels are as follows: treat level for diesel/gasoline in car engine applications suggested is 50-100 ppm.
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Rubber Process Oil

Rubber Process Oil are rich aromatic by products from solvent extracting process to modify physical properties of the vulcanization and to reduce the cost of the finished product.
Typical Uses / Applications
As component in rubber formulations and manufacturing of products such as automobile tiers, rubber shock absorbers, footwear, industrial hoses, wire and cable coverings, flooring materials and carrier fluid or solvent in manufacture of adhesives, sealants, polishes and carbon black

  • To improve physical properties of vulcanization to reduce the cost of finished rubber compounds

  • Tyre, Rubber and Dhoop Industry.
  • Used as a Lubricant in Rubber Processing.
  • Used in manufacturing of White Oil.
  • Used as a component in Ink Production.
  • Low Staining
  • Low Volatility
  • Low Solubility Propertiesl
  • Elastomer compatibility

Rubber Process Oil (Sepahan) - AROMATIC GRADE
Characteristics RPO Test Method ASTM
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 Deg. C, cST Min 30 D-445
Color 8.0 1500/98
Flash point, Deg. C Min 225 D-92
Pour point, Deg. C 24 D-97
Specific gravity @15 Deg C 1015 D-4052/96
Sulphur Content Max 4.45 1266
Rubber Process Oil (Iranol) - AROMATIC GRADE
Characteristics RPO Test Method ASTM
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 Deg. C, cST 35 D-445
Flash point, Deg. C 264 D-92
Pour point, Deg. C 15 D-97
Specific gravity @15.6 Deg C 0.995 D-4052
Aniline Point, Deg C 45 IP-2
Sulphur content, (wt%) 3.5 D-2622
Ash Content, wt% 0.02 D-482
VGC 0.925 D-2501
Carbon Type Analysis, %


Type RPO-245 RPO-250 RPO-290 Method
Density @ 15.5 Deg C 985-1000 990-1040 985-1015 ASTM D-4052
Flash Point 204 246 216 ASTM D-92
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 Deg 6-12 50-80 19-28 ASTM D-445
VGC (MAX) 0.97 0.985 0.975 ASTM D-2501
Aniline Point Max 26 Max 32 Max 32 ASTM D-611
Rubber Process Oil (Behran) - PARAFFINIC GRADE
Type RPO-840 RPO-845 Method
Density @ 15.5 Deg C 895 905 ASTM D-4052
Flash Point 174 183 ASTM D-92
Kinematic Viscosity @ 
100 Deg C
40 Deg C
Min 5
ASTM D-445
VGC (MAX) 0.945 0.85 ASTM D-2501
Aniline Point 79 82 ASTM D-611


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Specialty Products

A highly recognized and leading web solution company in india, providing many types of web services at affordable prices such as Specialty Products in India.
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Engine Oil Additive Di Package

We offer engine oil additive di package. Performance packageperformance level api cf ( 9 tbn)treat rate % wt. 6.00viscosity index improver non dispersant v.i. Improverbase stocks group I base oilssae viscosity grades 15w-40, 20w-40, 20w-50, 10w, 20w, 30w, 30, 40, 50
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Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly has a wide range of Industrial purpose such as Softening Agent for Printing Inks, as a Plasticizer for Rubber, as a component of Carbon Paper, in Leather finishes etc.
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We offer Defoamer. SPECIFICATION TYPICAL VALUESViscosity @ 100 oC., cSt. 5Appearance Clear to slight hazy liquidDensity @ 20.5 oC., cSt. 0.87Flash Point , oC. Below room temperatureDispersibility Dispersible in aqueous and non aqueous fluids
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Phinolic Antioxidant

we offer Phinolic Antioxidant. TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIESAppearance Yellow liquidColor ASTM 2.0Density @ 30oC 0.90Pour Point o C (-) 12Flash Point o C 95
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Aminic Antioxidant

we offer Aminic Antioxidant. Antioxidants induction time, minutesdbpc 180conventional aminic antioxidant 430our antioxidant 4900.25% of dbpc & comm. Aminic each 3800.25% of dbpc & a.o each 4600.25% of comm. Aminic & z.d.d.p. Each 3800.25% of a.o & z.d.d.p. Each 4500.25% of mixed alkylated a.o & long amine a.o each 460
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we offer Dispersant. The dispersant can no longer pick up contaminants, so the oil must be drained. However, the oil should be drained well before this stage is achieved systems.
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