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frp fittings

Spools and Fittings are produced from either discontinuously wound pipes or continuously wound pipes, depending on the application and specifications required. The process is a manual one and requires cutting pipe segments to the required angles and then joined to form the fitting. Some fittings (particularly bendselbows) are produced by moulding using the filament winding process.The spools and fittings can be produced in GRP (GP or ISO resin), GRV (Vinyl Ester resin), or GRE (Epoxy resin), and can be in RTRP specifications. Extra Co also performs stress, Flexibility, and surge analyses (when required) for the appropiate design speicifications.

Some examples of spools and fittings include:

Bends (of Varying Degrees)
T-Connections & Y-Connections
Factory AssembledPre-Fabricated Spools

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