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Our Complete range of products are Ultra Filtration units, Waste Water Treatment, conveyor systems., Pipe Lines and Double Cone Mixer.

Ultra Filtration units

We provide Ultra filtration units for separation of suspended solids, colloids, Bacteria, virus from water , by using membranes with pore size of 0.1-0.01micron. Desalination Plant (Using Reverse Osmosis): Definition Reverse Osmosis  is a physical separation process for water purification using RO membrane  technology. Spiral-Wound Polyamide RO membranes are used to remove the salt and  dissolved contaminants from the water. The filtered water would be pressurized to a point at which the Osmotic pressure of the solution is overcome and the water molecules would be able to pass more readily than dissolved minerals through a semi-permeable  membranes and travel a spiral path to the product-water collection tube at  the centre of the membrane element. A small amount of dissolved salt would pass through into the permeate(product water)  Most dissolved solids including contaminants would be rejected by the membranes (Brine).    Nowadays, Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is particularly well suited to applications,   due to its high energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and the capability of the process to remove biological and chemical contaminants. Reverse Osmosis  desalination is considered to be the advanced and energy efficient means of fresh water recovery available today.  Recent advances in desalination technology have made possible the production of potable water from desalination plants that are efficient, reliable and economically competitive with conventional treatment of fresh water sources FOURTECH water desalination are available in wide range of option  including Brackish, High brackish and Sea water RO plants of various capacities, skid mounted and/or containerized plants. These units are delivered fully assembled and factory tested.   The standard units have nominal production rates of between 3, 000 and 200, 000 GPD , higher plant capacities are available in custom engineered systems, which confirm to the specific requirements. FOURTECH RO plants are compact, designed with necessary pretreatment system based on feed water analysis and existing local conditions. Process Description Filtration Suspended solids, and organics must be removed from the feed water prior to the RO process, to prevent fouling of the RO membranes. The raw water is pumped via Filter Feed/Backwash Pump to Manual Multimedia Filter. The Filter will be filled with sand/ gravel media and activated carbon for effective removal of turbidity and suspended solids, odor, color,   taste, and then pumped through micro filtration system to remove fine suspended particles.  Antiscalant Dosing Antiscalant is dosed at controlled rate before R/O membranes in order to prevent precipitation of salts and avoiding membrane scaling.   Reverse Osmosis System The water is then boosted by high pressure pump and is divided inside the R.O. modules into permeate and reject streams. The permeate is then collected in Permeate/Product Water Tank while reject from the unit is sent to drain. Product Water Disinfection UV Sterilizer is provided after the storage tank, to disinfect the treated water before being pumped to the distribution system. Flushing/Cleaning System During shutdown, system flushing is achieved using product water from flushing tank boosted by the feed Pump.

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Waste Water Treatment

The principle of moving bed bioreactor is to provide a continuously operating bio- film reactor, which is non- cloggable, does not require backwashing and has a very low pressure drop. This is achieved by growing the bio-film on small carrier elements that move freely in the waste water in the reactor. The air stream constantly keeps the bio media in suspension and at the same time provides the required oxygen to the biomass.  The system uses specially designed bio- media, which provides a large surface area for biological growth. The bio-media is made of plastic material, which has a very long life. The media is cylindrical in shape and provides a large surface area in the given volume. The media provides about 500 m2 effective area for growth of the bio film per m3 of volume. The process has been developed and has been in use at many installations all over the world for treatment of sewage as well as industrial effluents. The bio- media used in these systems have been developed after years of research in the field.   Domestic Effluent Process Description The system consists of the following stages: Manual Bar Screen and Screen Chamber Grit cum oil separator Waste water collection and pumping system Fine screening Aerobic treatment system Filtration system Disinfection System       Manual Bar Screen and Screen Chamber:  A coarse screen shall be provided at the inlet to the collection tank for removal of floating debris from the wastewater drain. The coarse screen shall have spacing of 10mm and shall be periodically cleaned. The outlet from the screen chamber is collected in the collection tank through the oil separator.  Grit cum oil separator:  The waste water shall contain oil and grease. Grit cum oil separator is used to remove oil and grease before it enters the collection tank.  Waste water collection and pumping system:  A collection tank is to be provided for receiving the waste water from various parts of the apartments. The collection tank shall be sized in a manner to have adequate volume to counter the peak flow. The waste water transfer pumps shall pump the waste water at a uniform rate to the aerobic treatment system. One pump shall be on duty and the other on standby.   Fine Screening:  The outlet from the collection tank shall be routed through an online fine screen to screen the waste water for any further solids which would have escaped the initial coarse screen. The screened waste water is then allowed to enter the first aeration chamber.  Aerobic treatment system:  The proposed Aerobic treatment system shall have the following major components : a) Bio Reactor Units  b) Flocculation Tank  c) Settling Tank  d) Aeration system  Bioreactors:  The aeration tanks are two in number and are located next to each other. Each of the tanks shall be provided with aeration pipelines at the bottom, which shall be in anticorrosive material are manifolded to cover the total periphery of the tank. The inlet of the aeration tank is on the top with the waste water falling freely into the tank. The outlet is located on the opposite side. Both compartments are connected to each other by openings. The outlet of the second tank is connected to the flocculation tank.   Aeration System:  The aeration system consists of 2 Nos. air blowers. One blower shall be on duty while the other shall be on standby. The blowers shall be used for aeration inside the aeration tanks.  Flocculation tank:  A mild dosage of coagulants and flocculants are dosed into the flocculation tank. The addition of these chemicals will aid in the formation of large flocs of the peel of sludge flowing in from the Bio reactors and precipitation of suspended organic matter. This step also helps in de- emulsifying the emulsified oil present in the waste water and precipitating the same along with the sludge.  Settling tank:  The waste water from the flocculation tank along with biological stabilized solids will flow by gravity to the settling tank. The separation of solid from waste water is achieved by laminar flow developed inside the settling tank. Due to this, heavier solids settle down, whereas the clear water rises up and flows out. The sludge settling at the bottom of the tanks shall be transferred from time to time to the aeration and sludge holding tanks . The clear water from the settling tank is then let into the filter feed tank.  Filtration system:  This consists of a pressure sand filter followed by an activated carbon filter that removes any remaining suspended solids and bad odor in the treated water so as to ensure its total conformance to the reuse standards. The filters are to be backwashed from time to time with water from the treated water tank.  Disinfection system:  The disinfection system, which comprises of a dosing system, ensures complete removal of any remaining harmful organisms in the water. The water flowing into the filter feed tank is dosed with an oxidant above and then allowed to remain in the tank for a predetermined time so that there is enough contact time for the oxidant to totally disinfect the water.

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conveyor systems.

Leaders in the manufacturing of Conveyor Systems. Designing and manufacturing of Desalination And Effluent treatment Plants of various capacities. Fabrication of mixing tanks for Chemical, Oil and water industries. Setting up new plants and machineries in various types of industries such as Chemical/Soap, Oil and Plastic industries. General fabrication – platforms, overhead cranes, loading ramps etc.

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Pipe Lines

All type of SS & MS Pipe Lines Preparation of Fabrication Drawings Procurement of Materials (Or Free Issue from Clients) Fabrication of piping Spools at our works/ at Site Welding as per ASME Sec IX using qualified welders Pickling & Passivation of Weld Joints (for SS, & Duplex materials) Installation of Valves, Pumps, Instrumentation etc Final Assembly & Testing Jacketed Pipe Lines

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Double Cone Mixer

Mixer for the mixing of free flowing powders and granules. The uniform, multi-dimensional arrangement of the mixer walls ensures good and rapid mixing.

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Hand Rails

SS Hand rails Spiral Stair Cases With Glass Railings With Cable Railings

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Mild Steel Storage Tanks

We fabricate and supply Mild Steel storage tanks to various industries for the storage of Diesel, Petrol & Lubricating Oil. Our range of tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with all major codes and standards. We supply a full range mild steel storage tanks like: Horizontal M.S storage tanks Vertical M.S storage tanks Fabrication of mixing tanks for Chemical, Oil and water industries. Flat M.S storage tanks Dished M.S storage tanks Conical base M.S storage tanks.

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Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

We design, manufacture and install Stainless Steel tanks and Pressure Vessels according to customer’s requirement. Our tanks are custom fabricated and are available in different shapes (cylindrical, elliptical, conical, cone-topped, and square, Single and double wall tanks and Jacketed Tanks). We use high quality Stainless Steel (316L & 304 plates) to fabricate these tanks. Our range of products are: Storage Tanks Food Processing Tanks Agriculture & Dairy Bulk Tanks Fermentation Tanks ( and ) Water Tanks

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Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

We are specialist in custom fabricated Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks, fabricating heating tanks and cooling tanks that are suitable for Food Industries, Beverage Industries, Medical & Chemical Industries.

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Belt Conveyors

to suit customers requirement. Belt conveyors provide a versatile means of handling products of various sizes and shapes, providing transportation for assembly lines, sorting, & inspection. Belt conveyors will utilize the material either Rubber, PVC or PU depending on the application. Wide range of materials can be conveyed by this equipment.

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Slat Conveyors

We are a trusted manufacturer and exporter of slat conveyors. The slat chains are available in SS/PVC. Our slat conveyors are specifically designed to suit the specific requirements and needs of the clients. We offer different type, size and speed of these conveyors depending on the customer’s industrial need and requirement. Our conveyors are suitable for Food Processing Industries, Chemical industries, Assembly lines, Airports, Glass manufacturing plant and various other industrial units as per the specific requirements of customer

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Motorized/ Gravity Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors provides a versatile means of transporting products of varying sizes and shapes. Motorized roller conveyors are driven by chain. Roller Conveyors are manufactured for almost all applications. Advantages of Roller Conveyors are quiet operation, easy installation and maintenance.

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