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Our Complete range of products are Solar Powered Air Conditioning system, HYBRID SOLAR DIESEL and Wind Turbines.

Solar Powered Air Conditioning system

Leave your Solar Powered Air Conditioning on all day and don’t worry about the cost! This Solar Powered Air Conditioning system is powered by solar energy during the daytime, and will automatically switch either partially or completely to mains power for times when not enough solar power is available. Ease of Installation This Solar Powered Air Conditioning system installs in exactly the same way as a conventional split unit air conditioner, and because this air conditioner is a split unit, the indoor unit can be installed in the place where it will be most effective for your home. Ideal locations could be in a room that is used most in the house, such as a kitchen or a sitting room, or maybe a play area for the children. Simple installation wherever you need it within your home. The outdoor unit for this air conditioner is typically installed on a roof, or on a side wall, but can be installed in most locations on the outside of your home. The connection between the indoor and outdoor units must be completed by a qualified technician, and our staff at Future Earth will be pleased to provide our installation services. Plug and Play for Cool Air This Solar Powered Air Conditioning system does not require any inverter, or batteries, no controller, no complications, just install as a normal split unit Air Conditioner, and plug in the solar panels, and enjoy the COOL AIR………. it’s as simple as that! This air conditioner only needs two or three solar panels to provide power for most of the day. At night the air conditioner will automatically switch to mains power and thanks to a Seer rating in excess of 21, this air conditioner will continue to be providing very efficient cooling throughout the night. Enhancement to your Existing Air Conditioning System Think of the Solar Powered Air Conditioning system as an enhancement to your existing air conditioning system, obviously installing one solar powered split unit will not cool your entire home, but installing the solar powered indoor unit in a strategic location can take a huge load away from your existing installed air conditioning system (if you have one). Think of installing the indoor unit of your new Solar Powered Air Conditioning system in an open area of your home to keep the ambient temperature down especially when you are on vacation. Home or Office Solar Powered Air Conditioning is a fantastic option for a small office environment, because the office is normally occupied during the daytime when there is plenty of solar energy available to power your new air conditioning system. Dual Purpose In the cooler weather this air conditioner can also provide a source of heating, with the same efficiencies as it does when cooling. It will heat your home using solar power when available and revert to mains power when solar energy is not available. Easy to Move with You Because of the split unit design, having the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, the Solar Powered Air Conditioner system is easy to install and also easy to de-commission, which makes it practical to take with you, should you decide to move home…….. or office.

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The diagram below shows the Green Cube Hybrid Energy System configured to operate with  solar panels  as the primary source of energy generation during the daylight hours and with the diesel generator providing power during the non solar hours. This configuration would be used in situations where the load power requirement is high and it is just not practical to store energy in batteries for the non solar hours. A constant load of 30kw could easily be powered by a solar array during daylight hours….. However, as a rough calculation the same load would require over 800kwh of installed battery storage (50%DOD) to power the load during the non solar hours. As a Diesel Solar Hybrid System, the Green Cube can be configured to provide 220-230vac 50/60Hz, or DC as required.

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Wind Turbines

Micro Wind Turbines 2kw to 5kw We believe in making wind power more accessible and practical for Telecoms, Small Industry, Agriculture, and Domestic users.  Traditionally wind turbines have been either too big and difficult to install, or too small with very little power generation capability. We set out to find a wind turbine that operated in the 2-5kw range that was  Smaller, Lighter, Quieter, more Agile, and more Efficient  than any other wind turbine in the 2-5kw range. Our search took us to Italy, where we found a Micro Wind Turbine called ANEMOS, that completely blew us away, if you will pardon the pun! Designed and Manufactured In Italy The manufacturer of the ANEMOS micro wind turbine is WeCO Industries. Over several years, WeCO tested and developed the ANEMOS in conjunction with the University of Perugia. We are now proud to say that we are partners with WeCO and we are distributing and supporting the Anemos Micro Wind Turbine throughout most parts of Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Full Specifications for the ANEMOS are available here.   How can energy be generated from the wind? The theory is simple, the wind blows against angled blades of a wind turbine which are connected to the central shaft of the wind turbine, causing the shaft to rotate. The shaft forms part of the wind turbines motor and the faster the wind blows, the faster the shaft rotates, the more energy is generated by the motor, it’s that simple. How much wind is enough? Larger turbines generally need more wind, and smaller turbines generally need less wind, and if you want to get into the science of it all, please get in touch. Bigger motors give more output, but need bigger blades and more wind. Typically an average wind speed of 5-6 meters per second is good for a micro wind turbine. We can perform an analysis of your location advise on the potential for wind energy generation.   It’s not just about average wind speed in your area, you also need to consider physical installation location. Selecting the correct wind turbine for your location and energy requirement is where we can help you. We can call on years of experience to ensure that you make the correct wind turbine selection.

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