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We offer the best product range of AQUAPANEL INDOOR SYSTEMS, KNAUF FIRE RATED ALUTOP, rockwool insulation, AQUAPANEL JOINT FILLER GREY and glasswool insulation.

glasswool insulation

  • Thickness 1½” (38 mm)
  • width 24”-36” (610 mm-914 mm) 48”-72” (1219 mm-1829 mm)
  • length 150′ (46.08 m)

Knauf KB Blanket Insulation is a lightweight blanket of glass fibers bonded with ECOSE Technology. The products listed are manufactured single layer. However, some items with 24″ and 48″ widths can also be manufactured double layer. KB Blanket is used as thermal andor acoustical insulation for appliance, equipment, acoustical, industrial, commercial and marine applications up to 650°F (343°C). ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary new binder chemistry that makes Knauf Insulation products even more sustainable than ever. It is based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than nonrenewable petroleum-based chemicals traditionally used in fiber glass insulation products. ECOSE Technology reduces binder embodied energy and does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors.

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  • Thickness 11mm
  • Normal dimensions 600×600
  • weight of pallet 10200kg

USG Boral Gypsum based Ceiling Tiles come in a range of vinyl, colour, texture, acoustic touch and paper touch patterns with contemporary designs. They are easy to install, low maintenance, sag resistant, easy to align with USG Boral ceiling components and eliminate the need to paint. USGBORAL ceiling tiles with their excellent light reflection show great durability in dry and humid conditions. Vinyl coated tiles have the added advantage of easy to clean even after the ceiling has been installed.

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Knauf Readygips consists of synthetic dispersion as binder and an exactly set-up combination of particle- sized mineral calcium sulphate fillers and suspending agent 6 Months if stored at standard temperature of >+5°C

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  • Length (mm) 1200/2400/1250/2500 900/2000/2400/2500/2800/3000
  • Width (mm) 900 1200
  • Thickness (mm) 12.5
  • Weight (kg/m2 ) approx. 15

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is a solid, durable tile backing board for interior use. It is made of aggregated Portland cement with coated glass fibre mesh embedded in back and front surfaces. The ends are cut square and edges are reinforced for extra strength (the EasyEdge®). The panel is 100% water-resistant and resistant to mould and mildew. It is non-combustible and has low installation cost AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is horizontally attached to a vertical stud frame. Depending on requirements it is possible to use single or double-layer planking or a combination with other Knauf construction boards. In the wall area, joints are formed using the AQUAPANEL® Joint Adhesive. In the ceiling areas joints are formed using AQUAPANEL® Joint Filler – grey and embedded AQUAPANEL® Tape. All necessary accessories are available in the AQUAPANEL® accessory range. Installation time – wall: approx. 12 minm2 (including screws and joint adhesive). Installation time – ceiling: approx. 18 minm2 (including screws, joint tape and joint filler). Profile spacing: Ceiling – furring channel max. 300 (312, 5) or 450 Please refer to the installation recommendations

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Subject to technical modifications. Only the current printed version is valid. Our warranty is expressly limited to our products in flawless condition. The proper engineering-, structural-, physical properties of Knauf systems can only be ensured with exclusive use of Knauf system components and other products expressly recommended by Knauf. All application quantities and delivery amounts are based on empirical data and are therefore not necessarily directly applicable to other situations with different circumstances. All rights reserved. All amendments, reprints and photocopies, including excerpts, require the express permission of Knauf alutop GmbH, Overweg 14, 59494 Soest

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rockwool insulation

  • Thickness 25mm
  • Density 60kg/m3

Fujairah Rockwool slabs conforming to ASTM C-612 and equivalent BS-3958 part 5 are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces.These slabs are produced from long, non combustible resin bonded fibers.They are easy to cut, fit and handle.The robust fibers in the slabs combine high levels of thermal efficiency and acoustic absorption

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AQUAPANEL1 Joint Filler Grey is a cement-bound filling material for full-surface skim coating of joints by hand. The joints are reinforced with AQUAPANEL1 Joint Filler Grey and the 10 cm wide AQUAPANEL1 Tape.As a joint filler, the product is suitable for use with AQUAPANEL1 Cement Board Indoor (ceiling) and AQUAPANEL1 Cement Board Outdoor (wall + ceiling).It is also suitable for full-surface skim coating of AQUAPANEL1 Cement Board Indoor and Outdoor panels up to a coating thickness of 5 mm. For interior and exterior use.

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