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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of display programme switch, smoke switch control unit, Safety Sensor Strips, Safety photoelectric barriers and Integrated door closer Boxer.

display programme switch

The GEZE DPS display programme switch is the standard programme switch to change between operating modes and the parameterization tool for the GEZE automatic door operators.  Product features : Up to 5 different operating modes: off, night, shop shut, automatic and permanent open Uniform switch programme for new programme switches (not DPS) with other GEZE product groups Delivery of new programme switch in AS 500 switch range from Jung (DPS in ST 550 from Jung) Key or mechanical programme switch for individual requirements Authorised operation via key pushbutton possible for escape and rescue route use Universal usability for flush-mounted, surface-mounted or post-mounted switch inserts without frames (not DPS)

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smoke switch control unit

Smoke switch and power supply for all GEZE hold-open mechanisms The GEZE smoke switch control unit RSZ 6 in the typical GEZE design has an overall height of 30 mm. It is connected to the 230 V power supply system and supplies the connected hold-open mechanisms reliably with 24 V DC voltage (max. 200 mA). The smoke switch control unit is mounted on the vertical wall above the door opening, thus making the early detection of fire and smoke possible (please keep at least 20 mm clear of the ceiling). If an alarm is triggered, the voltage supply to the hold-open mechanisms (e.g. electrical hold-open device in the guide rail or holding magnet) is interrupted and the doors close immediately.  The connection of two additional ceiling-mounted alarms may be necessary depending on requirements. The integrated smoke switch has an automatic adaptation of the alarm threshold. This compensates light soiling of the smoke chamber and increases service life. The current state of the smoke switch is shown by an optical signal. For more Information, please click on the Product brochure GEZE actuation devices and sensor systems.

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Safety Sensor Strips

Sensor strip for safeguarding automatic swing and revolving doors in accordance with DIN 18650 / EN 16005 under normal floor situations The GEZE GC 335 is used to safeguard automatic swing and revolving doors in accordance with DIN 18650 / EN 16005. The click fitting in the sensor mounting profile reduces installation effort. The inclination angle and detection range can be adjusted mechanically. Continuous selfmonitoring means the GEZE GC 335 fulfills the highest safety standard and is thus approved for use for emergency exits. The simple design offers a cost-optimised solution. For more Information, please click on the Product brochure GEZE actuation devices and sensor systems.

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Safety photoelectric barriers

Safety photoelectric barriers as single beam version for automatic sliding doors in accordance with EN 12650-2 The GEZE GZ 470 V, the photoelectric barrier with single beam, provide simple and reliable safeguarding for automatic sliding doors in accordance with EN 12650-2. The max. range of these sensors is 5 m. The compact design makes flexible installation in a range of different door profiles possible. Attachment using double-sided adhesive tape is easy and straightforward. The integrated electronics guarantee fast installation and compact space requirements. Also available: the GEZE GZ 472 V, two-channel light barrier for safeguarding automatic sliding doors, with 2 transmitters and receivers.

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Integrated door closer Boxer

Boxer for single leaf doors The integrated Boxer door closer is installed completely inside the door leaf. The guide rail can only be seen when the door is open. It can be used for single leaf right and left swing doors The closing force is in accordance with DIN EN 1154, the closing speed, the hydraulic end stop and the hydraulic opening buffer can be adjusted conveniently when installed.

  • Integrated Door Closer


    Boxer E

    Boxer EFS

      Boxer P  

    Closing force

    2-4 / 3-6

    2-4 /  3-6



    Approval for fire and smoke protection doors





    Door leaf width [mm]

    ≤ 1.100/≤ 1.400

    ≤ 1.100/≤ 1.400

    ≤ 1.100

    ≤ 1.100

    Door leaf weight [kg]

    ≤ 130/≤ 180

    ≤ 130/≤ 180

    ≤ 130

    ≤ 80

    Door leaf strength [mm]

    ≥ 40/≥ 50

    ≥ 40/≥ 50

    ≥ 50

    ≥ 40

    Functions and Settings    

    Closing force can be continuously adjusted





    Back check





    Latching action





    Ajustable closing speed





    Optical large display





    Hold open position can be overridden








    Integrated smoke switch





    Freeswing function





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sliding door systems for manual wood and metal doors

GEZE sliding door systems for manual wood and metal doors GEZE offers a wide range of fittings solutions for functional and optically appealing sliding door systems, room partitions or other moving elements with wood or metal leaves. These enable considerable design freedom and planning flexibility. Demanding technologies, high-quality materials and first-class workmanship move the roller carriages precisely, gently and quietly over the guide rails and make the fittings system extremely durable with a long-life.

  • Okovi za klizna vrata

    Rollan 40 N / 80

    Perlan 140 / KS

    Levolan 120 /60

    Težina vrata [kg]

    40 / 80


    120 / 60

    Okovi za klizna vrata

















    Zaštita od korozije

    kl. 1

    kl. 2 / kl. 4

    kl. 3

    Učvršćivanje / montaža

    zid, strop

    zid, strop

    zid, strop, staklo, upušteno

    Vrsta vrata

    Jednokrilna i višekrilna







    ne / ne




    ne / ne




    ne / ne

    Fiksno krilo




    GEZE SoftStop




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Glass Clamping Plate

The GEZE glass clamping plate offers an increased mounting convenience without the need for extensive glass work. It elegantly unites functionality with aesthetics and the simple design adapts to any interior.   Product features:   The simple mounting makes all glass work superfluous 1/3 less height and reduced length: Compared to the previous model, the new GEZE glass connection patch conceals its functionality in an even smaller space Variable versions: The option enables covering of a single patch and the complete covering across both patches and opens up a wide range of individual design options The gap between the covered connection plate and the running track is remarkably small, thus extensive construction covers are no longer necessary The connection patch can be adjusted individually to the relevant glass thickness using the internal toothed element. This makes mounting considerably easier For all manual GEZE sliding door systems for 8, 10, 12 mm toughened safety glass For doors with up to 140 kg Available as standard glass clamping plate, raw aluminium, standard anodised aluminium EV1 cover and in all RAL colours

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Hold-open devices for single leaf doors

A hold-open system is a mechanism by which fire doors are held open electronically. Door leaves can thus be held in the open position until they are released, either manually or in the event of fire via the smoke detectors, and the door closes.  A hold-open system is made up of A trigger mechanism (processes the signals issued by the fire alarm system) Fire alarm Hold-open mechanism (door closer with electrical hold-open or holding magnet) Power supply In the event of a fire, fire and smoke doors that are being held open are closed automatically. In Germany, hold-open systems on fire and smoke doors require a general construction permit from the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), Berlin.

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Single Leaf Hold Open Devices

A hold-open mechanism is part of a hold-open system. The interplay of a trigger mechanism, a fire alarm system and a power supply makes the hold-open system. In the event of a fire, fire and smoke doors that are being held open are closed automatically. In Germany, hold-open systems on fire and smoke doors require a general construction permit from the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), Berlin.

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swing door systems

The swing door systems from GEZE make going through a door easier in the event that manual operation is too complex or difficult. The absolute reliability and safety of the swing door drives go hand in hand with clear and modern design lines. GEZE enables project specific solutions and ensures planners the greatest possible degree of design freedom. The electro-hydraulic  TSA range  is ideal anywhere where convenience and support is required when opening a door. With the unique operator height of just seven centimetres, the drives of the  Slimdrive range  are practically invisible and blend into any building architecture. The electromechanical  ECturn drive  enables doors in barrier-free interiors to be opened and closed gently and conveniently. Powerturn - the automatic swing door drive  has the ability to open large heavy doors reliably and safely.  At the same time, its low overall height fits in perfectly with every design.  Its unique 'Smart Swing' function also facilitates effortless manual passing of the door.

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sliding door systems

Sliding doors are space-saving, elegant and modern. Glass sliding doors are ideal when it comes to making good use of daylight and fulfilling optical criteria. The automatic sliding doors from GEZE can be used to implement the widest range of application requirements within a building. The operators in the  Slimdrive  sliding door series have a construction height of just seven centimetres and blend perfectly into any building’s architecture as well as offering a wide range of applications. The  ECdrive  is economic and extremely reliable in its functionality. The  Powerdrive  is a real power package and is capable of moving heavy doors conveniently and safely.

  • Automatic Sliding 
    Door Systems




    (height x depth)

    70 x 190 mm

    120 x 175 mm /
     150 x 175 mm

    150 x 185 mm / 
    200 x 185 mm

    Opening width
    1 leaf

    700 - 3000 mm

    700 - 3000 mm

    700 - 3000 mm

    Opening width
    2 leaf

    900 - 3000 mm

    900 - 3000 mm

    800 - 3000 mm

    Leaf weight (max.)
    1 leaf

    1x 125 kg

    1x 120 kg

    1x 200* kg

    Leaf weight (max.) 2 leaf

    2x 125 kg

    2x 120 kg

    2x 180*kg / 200** kg

    Opening / closing speed (max.)

    0,8 / 0,8 m/s

    0,8 / 0,8 m/s

    0,8 / 0,8 m/s

    Redundant sliding doors for escape & rescue roues (FR)




    Special functions for escape & rescue routes

    FR with locked shop closing (FR-LL)




    FR in both directions (FR-DUO)




    FR locked (FR-RWS)




    CO 48 (France)






    ISO glass fine-framed




    MONO glass fine-framed




    ESG clamping profile fine-framed




    All-glass system (GGS)



    Integrated all-glass system (IGG)



    Stainless steel



    On-site leaves





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Horizontal panic lock

Horizontal panic lock in accordance with the European standard EN 1125, designed to enable emergency doors to be opened easily.   Product features   GEZE panic bar tested in accordance with DIN EN 1125 Please note: Panic and emergency locks are always made up of a lock and a fitting, they must always be tested and certified together When lock and fittings are supplied separately (not in the GEZE scope of delivery) you should remember that only tested, certified and marked products may be used for emergency exits

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Manual sliding wall system

Manual sliding wall system - GEZE MSW The sliding wall systems from GEZE are particularly suitable for modern, design-oriented all-glass solutions set in demanding architecture. A flexible building block system and the integration of leaf elements with varying functions offer a wide range of design freedom, not just in hotels and congress halls, shopping centres or at airports.

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Integrated all-glass system

Integrated all-glass system - GEZE IGG With the GEZE integrated all-glass system, the profile and the fittings system are integrated invisibly between the panes of glass without bulky or visible elements at the surface of the glass. The complete design of facades can be implemented without interruptions, regardless of whether planning calls for sliding walls or doors, single action or swing doors. The GEZE all-glass system can be used for all-glass facades, both inside and out, and also for flexible room partitioning systems.

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